Sudacrem for Spots!


Picture taken the morning after a Sudacrem mask.

I know it’s not the most glamorous of items but in my opinion you would be pretty silly not to have this in your home.

It’s not just for children and nappy rash. It has so many different uses. My favourite thing is a Sudacrem face mask. So your sitting there thinking why on earth would you want to put nappy rash cream all over your face for? Well i’m sitting here thinking- why aren’t you?

When I wake up with a spot, I cleanse my face and put Sudacrem on the spot straight away. It reduces redness and will be half the size and barely visible when you wake up the next day. But if I am going to apply to the spot, I may as well do a Sudacrem face mask.

There is an ingredient in Sudacrem called Benzyl alcohol that has antiseptic properties and helps to reduce discomfort and redness. I can’t say if this works for acne as I have never had it before but my suggestion would be to try it.

Why a Sudacrem Face Mask?

Trust me, if this isn’t part of your skin routine it should be. I do a sudacrem face mask at least once or twice a week. I particularly like using it when i’m hormonal. My skin starts to get irritated and I can see and feel spots coming up. Once I have throughly cleansed my face I will then apply a layer of sudacrem all over my face (except for my eyelids and lips) and leave on overnight. You will look like a ghost and it will be on your pillow but the next day you will have clear, soft skin.

But how?

The ingredients in Sudacrem help to soothe and heal the skin whilst protecting it against any further infection by acting like a barrier cream.  The antiseptic and antioxidant properties reduce redness and dry out any spots.

Other benefits:

  • Heals cuts and burns
  • Stops chafing!- yes there’s our summer covered
  • Soothes sore skin and helps with eczema 
  • Helps insect bites
  • Great for sunburn and prickly heat


What’s not to love?

I will be honest here, anything I have whether it be a rash, burn or pimple I always use Sudacrem on it. It’s the best thing out there. Its easily accessible in shops, its so cheap and a little goes a long way!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my Sudacrem obsession and I really hope you try it.


Benefits of Drinking Tea

There’s not that many people I know that doesn’t enjoy a good cup of Tea and honestly who wouldn’t? As it’s National Tea day today I did some research on the benefits of drinking Tea and was quite surprised at some of the things mentioned, hence the reason I am writing this post. 

10 Facts about Tea

Did you know? 

1. Tea is a natural source of fluoride that can help protect against tooth decay and gum disease.

2. 98% of people take their tea with milk, but only 30% take sugar in tea.

3. You should use fresh water to make tea. Water that’s already been boiled, has lost oxygen which can make your tea taste flat. 

4. Black Tea reduces eye puffiness. Put 2 tea bags in boiling water for 5 mins then take out and squeeze out the liquid then and allow to cool, lastly place the bags on your eyes for 10 minutes. 

5. Slurping aerated the Tea increasing flavours allowing for greater contact with your tastebuds! One Tea in particular called Pu-erh Tea is meant to be slurped. I’m really not sure I could, the noise just goes through me. I always thought slurping was seen as rude. Did anyone else think that? 

6. Most of us are aware of how healthy green teas are as they aid many of our diets. However did you know that’s black tea also contain high levels of antioxidants. In particular black tea contains polyphenols, which can help our bodies fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other illnesses.

7. It’s not as bad for you as coffee. It contains half the amount of caffeine but lots of antioxidants therefore you want experience the highs and lows like you would with coffee. 

8. It takes 2,000 tiny leaves to create just one pound of finished tea. 

9. Timing is everything- Brewing time should be 3-5 minutes

10. The most expensive teabag in the world is a handcrafted diamond teabag made by Boodles jewelers worth $15,250, which contains 280 diamonds and is being used to raise money for a children’s charity in Manchester, England.

More Tea Facts can be found using the links below under Sources Used. 

Sources used:

I really hope everyone enjoyed this post and is drinking lots of tea today, I know I will be and let’s not forget dunking those biscuits! 


The quickest way to get your Blonde hair from Brassy to Sassy! 💁🏼

I’m finally getting my roots done and a trim tomorrow after 4 months of it last being done. As you know you should touch up highlights every 6-8 weeks to keep it fresh and avoid those scary roots creeping through. So I know your sitting there thinking how on earth did she manage to make it last 4 months, surely she’s exaggerating. I can say I am 100% not as I have had the same hairdresser for about 12 years and even though I have moved to Kent, I wait till I visit home before I get my hair done. Yes I have trust issues, but so would you if you have had some dodgy hair before finding your favourite hairdresser! 
So I thought I would share today with you my secrets of keeping my hair looking full of life and sassy. 

What you need: 
1. Provoke touch of silver intensive Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Paint brush and bowl (optional)

3. Heat protector Spray

Being blonde and having highlights means that your hair will literally go yellow after a while as all the brassiness starts to show. So I picked up so brightening shampoo and conditioner from my nearest pound land/ home and bargains. I paid about £1.99 for Provoke Touch of Silver Intensive shampoo and £1.99 for the Provoke touch of silver conditioner. In total it cost £3! 
Now I tried it both ways. Firstly I tried a few washes in the shower which did lighten my hair but as time went on and as I have thick hair I noticed a lot of brassiness showing through so I discovered something even better.

I sat on the floor with a towel over my shoulders, poured a quarter of the shampoo into a mug and used a paintbrush to go through sections of my hair whilst my hair was dry. How long you leave it for is how much you want it to lift. It works like a toner! I left it for 10 minutes as I defiantly had some yellow going on at the sides. 

I then washed it out and shampooed it with the touch of silver and a different shampoo which was keratin based and followed it with Provoke intensive conditioner for about 3 minutes before washing. 

When your hair is wet I think it’s important to towel dry it before you start blasting heat onto it, as I can just dry your hair up. When my hair was towel dry, I brushed through my hair with a detangler as they are much more gentle than a brush and you won’t pull as much hair out! Before you dry your hair spray on a good heat protector spray, my favourite is by Paul Mitchell and has lasted a long time! 

Another tip would be to gently curl the ends or odd strands to naturally lift your hair and give it some natural bounce. 

After all the tips above this is what my hair looked like straight after: 

I hope this post was useful for you Blondies out there! Remember stay Sassy and never Brassy! 💁🏼


What’s inside my makeup bag? 

Good Morning Everyone today I thought I would share with you what I take everywhere with me so let’s take a look in my makeup bag.. 

So what’s inside? 

– Clinique Superbalanced Foundation 

– Clinique concealer

– Rimmel London Bronzer

– Max Factor False Lash effect

– Blank Canvas Foindation Brush

– Luxie Cosmetics angled brush

I like to wear light makeup for a more natural look. I find I have to take these little things with me as I always end up sneezing or my eyes water! It’s hilarious, if I left it I would look like a clown 😂 

What’s in your makeup bag?


A Vintage Experience with We are Cow


Whenever I go home, I always try to make time to try new places whether that is shops, bars or restaurants. My family and I decided to do a spot of shopping in the City centre as you do. One of my favourite areas to visit in Liverpool is Bold Street. Over the last two years more shops and quirky restaurants, bars and boutiques have popped up. This is were I came across We are Cow Vintage which sells Men’s and Women’s Vintage. I will be honest, its often quite rare for me to buy anything from Vintage Stores as either the clothes don’t fit me or I just look ridiculous.

Most of the time when you think Vintage, its easy to think Charity Store. A shop full of racks everywhere with no organisation and you simply have to go through everything. It’s exhausting. This is what really gets under my skin, I like to walk in and know where to head to first and where I can find things. I’m not impatient, I just cant cope with mess! To my relief, We are Cow are not like this. Hurray! I walked in and instantly distinguished the Men’s side to the Women’s. I could easily see the sections of clothes, the bottom floor was also done the same. This made it a pleasant experience to shop in.

They have Amazing Changing rooms! I know that sounds crazy but I couldn’t get over them. It was a wall of lockers at the back downstairs. I walked in circles twice before asking a Sales assistant who took me over to the wall and opened a door. It felt so surreal. I literally sat there thinking I’m now part of the wall!! Here’s a little clip of the inside:



How adorable are the door handles in the above picture?!!

Some of the products were ‘reworked’ which gave the item a nod to the modern day fashion. What is reworked clothing?  This is were an item of clothing in this case for example a Vintage Designer top is shortened, trimmed, rolled up and sometimes dyed to create a new piece that may be more popular with modern day fashion. Combining the old with the new.

I fell in love with several reworked items but made a decision to take home just two tops. I am a nightmare when it comes to Clothes shopping. I am the one that will literally have a meltdown and say she’s too fat, my boobs look saggy, I look like I have water retention etc. You get were I’m going with this. My family and the male sales assistant all assured me that I didn’t look any of these and despite my worries, the male sales assistant was nothing but kind, genuine and patient. It was such a lovely experience.

What did I buy?



Two Super cute Ralph Lauren Reworks!!

Where are they located?

They are located in Liverpool (on Bold Street), Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham. If your not in any of those places- don’t worry, you can get everything online by clicking here.


Trust me its worth a look, even my dad came out with something!


March 2017 Glossybox Review


I am so much more impressed with March’s Glossybox. I was a little disapointed in some of the recent boxes as I received a few duplicates and I started to notice the brands of the products I was receiving were more ones that I could buy anywhere. What I loved about Glossybox was the products that I hadn’t heard of were included, it was a great way to introduce different brands. I have been a subscriber of Glossybox for probably almost 4 years and never had any concerns until recently.

Products Received:

Sleek Makeup- Eye and Cheek Palette

This Works- In transit camera close-up

GOT2B- Styling Primer

FRUU- Fruitilicious Watermelon lip balm



Sleek Makeup– Eye & Cheek Palette


A slim line palette perfect for your handbag or clutch bag. As you can see above the palette is a mixture of colours, there is a pink cheek blush and bronzer along with a smokey eye look. Retail Price is £10.00. To get onto the the Website click Sleek The only downfall for me was the brushes, the small brush and eyeshadow applicator isn’t very good for applying the makeup. The colour did literally looked like it was ‘slapped’ on! I would suggest using your own brushes to blend the makeup. I managed to smooth the shadow over on my eyes however I did have to blend my cheeks with a reliable brush. Here’s a look below using only the sleek palette:


FRUU– Fruitilicious Watermelon Lip Balm


This cute little guy was made by a professor of Cosmetics at the London College of Fashion. Retail Price is £2.99 and can be found here It smells lovely and is quite tasty too! It’s strange as it comes out in an oval shape so you have to place the balm quite flat on your lips. It feels lovely and for the retail price its worth carrying around this cute guy in your purse. Why wouldn’t you? It’s packed full of superfruit ingredients, to name one is avocodo oil. Its PETA Certified, cruelty free and vegan friendly. No nasties just goodness!



This is AMAZING!! I am so impressed with this and I would recommend it to everyone! It is recommended that you do this morning and evening but I thought I would start off just trying it in the evening. I have used it for 10 nights now and I have noticed such a dramatic difference mostly in my fine lines. There smoother and reduced a lot! I am going to start using it in the mornings aswell. I apply a rice grain amount and rub in circular motions outwards, within seconds I can feel it tightening! Its 100% natural and full of antioxidants, truely amazing and worth every penny. Its Retail Price is £30.00 and can be bought from OOLUTION

This Works– In transit camera close-up


Named as a hero of products by Glossybox and it’s actually quite good. It claims to moisturise, prime, plumps and brightens. It’s been reported as Victoria Beckham’s favourite too. It does actually work, I was a little worried by the slightly thicker consistency as I generally thought it going to stick in patches on my face but it actually glides over and your makeup really does just stick to it. I’m equally impressed! The retail price is £30.00 and you can get it here

GOT2B– Styling Primer


Before Styling you should always Prime your hair, its an absolute must. Regardless of what style your going for this beauty works into damp hair ready to create a look you want. Its retail price is £4.18 so pretty cheap in comparison to many. It can be found here

My Favourite product this month if you haven’t guessed already is OOLUTION Eye Love. I’m lusting over it everyday! If you get this Glossybox too, what was your favourite product and why?


How Anxiety makes me feel

Since chatting to many different bloggers, if there is one thing I have learnt it is to share. I am ‘that’ person that worries about what people think, about being judged. Spending more time speaking with bloggers has made me think ‘Why?’ Why should I care about what people think of me?’

I was too embarrassed and private to share with people my experiences or upsets because I was  worried about making myself more vulnerable. Usually to get anything out of me, you need to turn up at my house with a bottle of wine and box of chocolates, then after a large glass of wine I may start opening up to you.

So my main reason for writing this post is that I have decided to put myself out there and open up. I know that by sharing some of my experiences, there will always be someone that may feel either the same or something similar.

It’s a big deal opening up, especially to thousands on the internet, you never know who may come across this post. So where should I start?


At some point in our lives most of us will experience this. Whether you’re anxious about a new relationship, a social situation or maybe a decision you need to make. Anxiety can affect you in so many different ways and sometimes without you realising it.

There are some of us, like myself that suffer from this more than others. I have suffered from this as a young child but I didn’t understand what it was. I couldn’t understand why my heart beat so fast, my stomach churned or why I felt so dizzy in a room full of people. Growing up I went through Primary and Secondary school being forced into situations that made me uncomfortable. My hands would go clammy, I would start sweating, hyperventalating and sometimes have blackouts. It was clear that I got myself so wound up, I was a mess. I was too shy to tell anyone. To make things worse I was bullied through both schools which again I found too hard to tell anyone. They would only think I was making a big deal out of it.

When I turned fifteen I started to open up and talk to my mum about it, she always said it’s not worth getting worked up over, just calm down. She always did her best to take my mind off it but despite how much I smiled I still couldn’t shake it. I  freaked out about quite a lot of things.

When I was taking exams we would get told only to look at our paper and infront, I literally would start to panic if I felt myself twitching! and despite studying for month’s, my head would just sit there spinning, I couldn’t concentrate and knew at any point I may just throw up.

Parties or social gatherings had me panicing at the thought of them, all of those people in one room. When I got there I always had to find somewhere to sit that was in a corner, somewhere that meant no one could come behind me and I could see everything infront of me. It was the only way I felt I could feel some control. When I got older, alcohol became my control, it gave me like everyone else a bit of false confidence whether that meant being able to walk by a crowd with my head up looking were I was going or going to the toilet on my own!

My anxiety did make me feel like I was almost reliant on people, I was often to scared to do anything alone and cared too much what people thought. I couldn’t even go to the local shop at the bottom of the road. It was ridiculous.

As I got older I began to force myself into uncomfortable positions which sounds like a ridiculous idea but I found it forced me to cope and learn. Yes on some occasions I almost blacked out, but I wouldn’t change it as It’s definatly helped me become the person I am now. I’m not suggesting its right to throw yourself into uncomfortable situations but taking baby steps may help you.

Coming out of your comfort zone will only benefit you.

Taking little steps has seen me make some outrageous decisions recently. Almost three years ago I met my partner and began a long distance relationship, a five hour journey on the train to see each other at weekends. A year later we decided to move in together, I’m not sure how I did but I moved down South to be with him, I took on a completely  different job I had never done before without knowing anyone. Being 5 hours away on the train from my family who I am exceptionally close to was a huge challenge. I had the support from everyone and my closest friends. Unfortunatly what should be an exciting experience has so far turned out a real test to my anxiety. Within weeks of moving, my mother got very ill. Everytime I said I was going to move back she said no and she meant it, she only wanted me to be happy, she wanted me to try. I couldn’t cope being so far and knowing how ill she was. Everytime I rushed home when she was in the hospital, I kept being sick and blacking out because it made me so anxious. It developed into mum being in a hospice and staying over night. Then what I had prayed would never happen did, we lost her. My world fell apart after that. My anxiety went through the roof and I couldn’t control anything. I eventually admitted I needed help. I started taking anti depressants and seen a counsellor. A year and half later I am still living 5 hours away, I am still on my tablets but I am pushing to keep going.

Like my mum taught me, you have to keep fighting even when things get tough. You can’t give up no matter what life throws at you. It may make you wobble or slightly weak at first but you will get stronger. Even with these tablets I would never have been able to cope now if I hadn’t forced myself into some situations in the past.

So like my mum used to say ‘Chin up sweetie’ xoxo

High school in the Noughties 

As I have grown up i have watched how generations change and I generally feel there isn’t quite a generation like the noughties. I was born in 1989 so I was growing up in the nighties and noughties. I started high school in 2000. When I look back and compare it to recent years it seems very random and undefined in comparison to other generations. 

Reminiscing brought up some great memories so I decided to share with you what I grew up with. I am sure this will bring back some memories for some of you! 

Here’s an insight into my life as a school girl in the noughties.. 

Everyone and I mean everyone was reading :

All of the Harry Potter books. We were obsessed.


We would spend school days talking of all the books and the programmes we watched.

We were watching:

Top of the Pops! 

Or more singing a long to it! 

Big Brother 

I would say this was the first real reality show we were saw. Watching other people form friendships and react to situations was fascinating. The amount of times I begged my parents to let me stay up and watch it. With school the next day they always said no, so ljke everyone else my age I waited for them to fall asleep so I could watch it. 

The programs and films we couldn’t watch we recorded on VHS. It seems so old saying that! Sometimes you would get a chance to watch it but someone  always accidentally taped over it!

Some of you won’t believe this but our Friday nights were spent going to Blockbuster and borrowing 3 films for £10 It was all about the movie marathons!

Music also played a big part in our lives, we used to listen to our favourite radio station and record  our favourite songs on Cassette! I actually had the below! Hahaa 

Then they bought out CD’s!! Now this was exciting, it was on everyone’s must have list. But just imagine walking to school with one of these Walkman’s. There was always the problem of them fitting into your pockets. 

What were we listening to?

There was quite a lot but to name a few:

Britney Spears

She was every girls idol, I can’t think of anyone that generally didn’t want to be her. 


Justin Timberlake was in a boy band and just look at them curls!

Destinys Child 

Here’s another one- Beyoncé was originally in a girl band too. I could still listen to their songs over and over. 


It was all about knocking for your friends. When everyone had a mobile you hardly used it to text, the phone was so chunky and it took a while to get used to.  It was more to answer your parents calls!

The first mobile we all owned was:

The Nokia 3210 

It looks like a brick in comparison to phones now. It was all about the cases:

 I generally had this case!! 

& the game Snake 🐍 

It looks pretty crap and boring but it was so addictive. 

The internet 

There wasn’t wifi and to get on the internet you had to connect. You would wait at least ten minutes to be connected and during the while time you had to listen to a dial tone! 

If your family wanted to use the phone it would cut off the Internet. Can you believe that?! That would never happened now. So  trying to flirt was always a risky one! Thinking about it, we really had to have a lot of patience! 

To take a Selfie or do a video or even to video chat with friends it was all about the The Webcam

Move over Facebook/ twitter/ Instagram. We had MySpace! And the most important thing was all about the song. What song describes you best? 

No WhatsApp instead it was Msn Messenger and it was all about the status! 

What about Games?
The sims 

The one game we all played, talked about, had sleepless nights over. We would sit with friends showing them our favourite Sim’s lives! It’s the one game I literally could play now and still be addicted!

In School Trends

Jane Norman bag or a Morgan bag? But you had to have one! 

Gel pens- smelly, glittery, all of them! 

When I got older and my we all wanted to try a cheeky beverage we certainly weren’t reaching for the wine. Instead Lambrini was so much classier to us:

The Hairstyles!

Crimped or Straight

Tyra Banks rocks the crimped look well but in truth when we tried it we generally looked like we had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

To get your hair straight it meant Ironing your hair

I remember going round to my aunties house an watching my older cousin iron her long black hair which was so far past her bottom. I always begged her to do mine but she used to pretend, knowing my mum would go mad! It wasn’t until I was about 16 that straighteners came out. Can you believe not living without them! 

Hair Accessories

To name just a few as there many:

Butterfly Clips 

Hair Bandanas!

Looking at some of the trends above we really did look so young! 

Makeup 💄 

I remember being about 15 (2005) and the craze was wearing foundation, everyone was doing it and the brand was Laval. It looked and felt like acrylic paint and it pretty much went on like that. It left a lovely jaw line of orange on each side of your face and it generally didn’t matter what shade you got because you all came out the same colour. Welcome to my generation- Generation Orange! 

And it gets worse! About a year or so later, when I was 16/17 we got comfortable rocking the Laval look and decided it just wasn’t enough so we started applying blue eyeshadow and would apply it over the lids. On its own, there was no blending. I’m not talking about a smokey navy eye, I’m actually talking bright blues and frosty blues. I must of owned about 10 eyeshadow palettes with different colours of blue! 


Outside school you literally bought all of your clothes from Tammy and Etam and accessories were always Claire’s and Primark

Some of the most famous trends were:
Circle belts– they never really stayed on either!

-Long Gypsy skirts 

The Unspeakable trends: 

– Denim Mini Skirt- the shorter the better 

– Thong showing above your jeans 

I really hoped you enjoyed that post and for some of you brought back some memories. I could of kept talking about it so if any of you would like to know a bit more of a certain topic or in general, let me know 😊 

All pictures were not my own and were taken from google and Pinterest searches. If any are yours please let me know so I can give credit. 


Global Scouse Day

If your from Liverpool or have family from there then you will have eaten and been shown how to make the famous stew dish called Scouse.

It a tradition to pass down the recipes to your children. I always remember the smell in kitchen and the huge pan that sat on the stove. It looked like something from Oliver Twist or perhaps a witches cauldron.
Scouse is the type of dish you make once, get the hang of it and wing it. I recently made some and thought I’d share with you how I did it. This won’t include exact amounts! I was cooking for two and still had some left over so you will need to adjust this guide to that. 
To start you need to decide Red Cabbage or Beetroot? It’s a big decision and it does make a difference. Either one can be used and is served up at the end with the Scouse.

You will also need:

– Onion

– Beef or lamb

– Carrots

– Potatoes 

– Pepper

– Worcester sauce 

– Beef stock 


1. Cut and dice your onion, I only used half. In that goes with the beef and cook gently until the onion turns transparent.

2. Peel and wash your potatoes, I used roughly about 5 but this can be changed depending on your preference. Cut the potatoes in 4 halves BUT different sized halves! For example make 2 big and 2 smaller ones. The reason we do this is because the small potatoes will dissolve an thicken up the stew creating that perfect mushy texture. The larger potatoes will shrink but will remain in chunks.

3. Peel, wash and chop your carrots. I used three but again you can change this depending on how many people you want to feed. 

4. Prepare your red cabbage or beatroot. I cut up about a handful of cabbage in strips.

Right then are we ready to wing it and make a yummy, traditional Scouse dish? 

1. Firstly grab your meat. It can lamb or beef. I prefer beef to be honest but it’s up to you. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the meat because years ago they could only afford scraps, so don’t be getting all posh! I picked up some diced beef from my local Tesco, the box is roughly the length of a size 6 shoe. Its enough to feed two. 
2. Brown the meat in a pan, season with a bit of pepper and squiggle a bit of Worcester sauce over the top. Want to get technical- probably 3 teaspoons! 

3. Separate the meat and onions and put them in a pan. Keep hold of the fat that came off the meat. Trust me this is flavour!! 

4. Get a big pan ready on the stove! 

5. Layer!! You should have your meat and onions on the bottom. Layer your chopped carrots and finally layer your chopped potatoes on top.

6. Use the fat from the pan and drizzle over the contents in the larger pan.

7. Pour over the contents with water just enough to cover the potatoes.

8. Add your beef stock 

9. Bit more Worcester sauce- around 2 tablespoons! 

10. Simmer for around 3 hours! Check every hour and give it a good stir, you may want to leave it longer.

11. Just before serving, sort out your red cabbage or beatroot. 

Serve your Scouse in bowls, with red cabbage/beatroot on the side AND a plate with a few slices or buttered crusty bread! The crusty bread is essential for ‘mopping up’ at the end. 
This is a lovely dish especially in the cold weather. It’s warm, very filling and very delicious 😘💗

If your out and about in Liverpool today, you can grab a bowl of Scouse in the Anglican Cathedral! For something a little funky try Salt Dog Slims or Lucha Libre 👍

Picture above from Independant Liverpool

Love thy neighbor 🍹restaurant/cafe review 

After a long day of shopping with my family, we were all ready to sit down and rest those legs. Half voting for a cuppa whilst the other half voting for more of an alcoholic warmth. If you know me then you will know which category I was in! 😋
Where should we go? Although I had a few places spring to mind, I love trying new places and new if a few that was on my ‘must visit list’. 

Strolling along bold street and dragging our legs, clinging to my back and all being weighed down with several arguably ‘necessary’ purchases, we came across a place called love thy neighbour. 

It was the perfect choice, their drinks menu consisted of hot drinks, cocktails, soft drinks and hot cocktails! Honestly what’s not to love?! 

The guy that served us was so pleasant and friendly, he explained what was in the hot cocktails and when I asked if I could swap the apple juice, he was more than grateful to come up with other flavours that may work. I didn’t have the embarrassment of telling me the reason was due to acid reflux and it simply burns the hell out of my stomach!! 🙈 It was no hassle and he was more than happy to help. 

What did we get? 

Two hot rum punches- 1 traditional with apple juice and the other containing pineapple juice. My brother went for a peroni whilst his girlfriend stepped things up with a strawberry daiquiri. 

The cocktails were delicious! Even my dad was impressed! 

Sipping away on my hot rum punch, the atmosphere created a very relaxed vibe, I really didn’t want to move! The staff were brilliant when we said we only wanted drinks they just left us to relax and enjoy our own company. 

It’s a cosy place with minimalistic decor featuring some quirky art work and don’t forget to look at the ceiling! I had completely forgotten I was in Liverpool! 

If you got a bit carried away with the cocktails which I would imagine would be so easy to do as they are delicious, they also offer a selection of light bites and nibbles.  As well as offering meat dishes, they also cater for veggie and vegan lovers! Including those who simply fancy clean eating! 

This place is a must visit, no matter what time of the day it is, you need to pop over! Next time I come home I will be visiting here again and this time also trying out some nibbles, I absolutely loved it 💗

If this place isn’t on your places to visit list then you need to add it! 

Connect with them now on:

Instagram- lovethyneighbour1780

Twitter- LovethyBoldSt