WIN Enamel Pins from Old English Company 😍👌

Hi Everyone,

I recently heard the Old English Company are holding a competition for the chance to win some of their Enamel Pins from their newest collection and I just HAD to tell you guys!

This company offers some quirky, feminine designs and as the Summer is creeping up these beauties will look super cute attached to your jacket or for something a little cheeky try placing one on the bottom pocket of your jeans 😋 I particularly like the “she is fierce” pin shown in the middle of the picture above.

To enter all you need to do is click here and tell them which pin out of the three above you like the most!

Winner is announced at random on 30th May 👏 Good Luck everyone 😊

If your interested in viewing a range of their enamel pins they have you can click here

You can spend a while on this site as they don’t just so Enamel pins! They showcase some fantastic designs for stationary, art prints and greeting cards!

All pictures shown are Enamel pins taken from the website. Look they even have an xoxo 😍👌



Glossybox December box review

Heyyy everyone! This post is all about Glossybox December box. I am a little late in reviewing it all but as always I would rather take my time and give you an honest review rather than writing a post just for the sake of it! Do you know what I mean? Anywho, before Christmas I was getting a little disappointed with Glossybox and what I was revisiting. I have been a loyal fan for probably around 5/6 years at a guess and they have never failed to put a big smile on my face. However from 6 months ago I started to feel the products were not as good and I was receiving things I’d had before. But I can happily tell you now they really made a comeback to me on December and I can reveal January’s box is just as good 👏 wait till you see what’s inside! (Coming soon- 1/2weeks)

So shall I just get on with it? 🙊 here’s what I received:

Laqa & Co- Cloud Lips 👄

Out of all the products I received this is defiantly my favourite. It’s so beautiful to look at it, it’s rose gold casing 😍 the colour of the lipstick is a deep pink which was perfect for my colouring. The name of the lipstick is Daydream. It’s a matt lipstick and goes on so perfectly, the curve in the lipstick easily rolls over the natural curves in your lips giving you perfect lips each time! It doesn’t even need to dry! It’s stays out for hours and doesn’t even get on your teeth! I have been wearing it everywhere recently, I am obsessed and defiantly thinking about getting some more colours 💖

RRP: £12.70

Here I am wearing it..

Naobay- Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser

This product is a thick yellow gel that after massaging into your face turns into a milky cleanser. It’s not very frothy but it does lather up well. As soon as you put it on your skin it feels like a thick face mask, you notice a little bit of warmth on your skin which is a nice touch! I have received some of this brands products before in Glossybox and I have always liked what I have received.

RRP: £15.99

Model Co- 3D Lash Primer

I’ll be honest I’m a big fan of Model co products and a big fan of lash primers so this product was an around winner for me!! I have long eyelashes and often find throughout the day that my mascara ends up under my eyebrows but using a lash primer before prevents this from happening, it conditions and preps your lashes for mascara making them stay in a healthy condition and look fuller and thicker. What’s not to love? I’m sold!

RRP: £7


Soaper Duper- Shea Butter body wash

Firstly this smells absolutely divine and it’s really hard not to eat it 🙈 it smells like smooth chocolate, caramel. I was a little disappointed in the texture as it’s a lot runnier/watery than I had hoped, but that shouldn’t put you off as it glides on well and a little does go a long way. I’m a huge fan of the ingredients- Shea butter, monoi oil and it contains no parabens, mineral oils or sulphates 🙌

RRP: £6.50

Steve Laurant- Precision Tip Eyeliner

WOW this is so beautiful 😍 it’s beautifully packaged in a rose gold box and inside is a elegant, thin eyeliner. It’s probably one of the most beautiful makeup products I own and defiantly the most stunning eyeliner. The eyeliner is very thin and considering I am awful at doing my own eyeliner, touch wood so far I haven’t struggled once with this beauty. It’s not the darkest of black so once your first layer is dry, you will need to go over it but it is defiantly easy to use and it stays on all day without smudging!

RRP: £18

And as it was Christmas they put in a little bit of yummy chocolate – Raffello by Ferreo Rocher which are just mouth-wateringly good 😊white chocolate and coconut!

If this post has inspired you to get involved with Glossybox, then do check out their website for more details on how to subscribe 😊 a review on January’s box will be coming in the next 1/2 weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


The Crimbo Limbo? The Merryneum? 🎄🎉🥂

The bit between Christmas and New Year. What is it? What’s it even called?

I have put together a few things I think during this time & I’m sure there’s something you can relate to:

1. How long can we make this Turkey last? & just how many Turkey and stuffing sandwiches can we make for lunch before it’s officially gone off and is going to be too minging to eat?

2. Chocolate for breakfast is still always a good idea & there’s no limit on how many. This is not ‘man vs food’ but ‘me vs food’ and totally regretting the amount I’ve eaten after new year when I can’t get close to buttoning my skinny jeans

3. Drinking before dinner time is totally acceptable and a few cheeky ones mid afternoon is confidently rebellious and we love it

4. The day you decide your not leaving the house and instead decide to chill in your Disney PJ’s all day with no makeup on and your hair in a top knot because you can

5. Having no idea what time of day it is or what day your on. The clocks are out of sight because of the decorations and putting your watch on is just too much effort

6. Eating, your not even hungry but your going in for thirds and your snacking on everything after. Just roll me out yea?

*this cake is in the extra special range in Asda and is a dark chocolate, black cherry, amaretto torte 👌

7. Games- why do we always insist on playing a game? We all get competitive and one of us ends up cheating and the whole thing comes way too serious. Then one of you suggests to play cards against humanity with your dad. Urm, no never again 🙈

* This is the only picture not my own & was taken from Pinterest (author not known) shown as an example only

8. Watching back to back movies because not everyone wants to watch the same thing. Why can we never make a decision on the family movie?

9. When your friends invite you for drinks and you have nothing to wear but whatever you manage to put on looks like maternity clothes because your nursing a food baby

10. Getting a chocolate from the quality street tin and swerving all the wrappers to find the only ones left are the toffee pennies. I’d like to keep my teeth thanks

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I am sure some of you were able to relate. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas 🎄 and wishing everyone an amazing New Year in advance 😊😘

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Glamglow Review 💎

A little while back I was sent a small sample of supermud clearing treatment mask by Glamglow. You may be thinking why I haven’t done this review sooner however I find your skin changes depending on hormones, stress and weather therefore I decided to really put this much loved mask to the test. It’s loved by many people including fellow bloggers and celebrities but is it really as good as they say?

Will it get me raving about it too?

Over the course of a few months, I used this mask when:

-I was due on my period

-when I had a breakout

-when I had a hormonal breakout

-when I was stressed

And finally when the weather changed and dropped over 10 degrees in temperature!!!!

During these different occasions my skin showed excessive oiliness, spots, dryness, eczema, redness and sensitivity.

On each occasion after using the mask my skin afterwards looked fresh, vibrant and clear. It was quite unbelievable to be honest. Despite my stubborn skin this mask was determined to do its duty and it certainly did not disappoint.

The stubborn breakout spots I had on my forehead and chin looked less irritated and were no longer red. My skin looked smoother and brighter.

When my skin was dry, red and had eczema patches on my cheeks, the mask smoothed over the skin and although initially there was a little redness it calmed down within minutes and I was left with soft and less irritated skin.

The best thing in my opinion about this mask is it MINIMISES PORES!!!! I generally did notice a difference in the size of the pores on my chin and cheeks.


– Harper’s Bazaar: Best Cleansing Mask

– SOCIAL & PERSONAL: Best Deep Cleansing Mask

Retail price– £42 for 50kg

However don’t let that scare you, you can get a smaller ‘on the go’ pot for £16 alternatively you can get a choice of two gift sets that includes a few different for £36 or £42

My Wish List

I am currently eyeing up the firming mask, being in my late twenties I have just started to notice signs of ageing and more prominent wrinkles so I need to get my hands on the firming mask and see if I am just as impressed!

And most importantly- where can I buy it from? These are perfect for presents & Christmas is just round the corner 👏

You can buy it from your local boots, Superdrug stores, online and on their website by clicking here

All pictures taken off Pinterest except first picture which is my own 💖

I hope you all liked this post 😊


Holographic Nails for just £2!!

Yes you read the title right, I am going to tell you exactly how to get holographic nails for just £2.00!!

At the moment the obsession with being either a unicorn or mermaid is everywhere. In my case I’m a hybrid of the two. I simply cannot pick sides! Anywho more to the point, with this obsession we are seeing more glitter, sparkle, pastels and holographic items and shades. One of the easiest ways to get in on all the action is by getting holographic nails. Take a little look at these…

Click the link here to see a video of these babies shinning 😍

Last weekend I went for a little spot of window shopping and on all occasions I have to go into Primark simply because you just find little gems in there. Each month they are just getting better and better, more on trend and their quality in Cosmetics is really not bad at all! I’m really looking forward to seeing more things 💖

That’s were I came across an array of beautiful shiny colours sitting on the shelf shouting “pick me”. I always gel my nails because I like them to stay fresh and strong for as long as possible plus I just can’t be doing with all the snapping and chipping! but with those polishes screaming and almost catapulting themselves off the shelf I had to take one home just try. So I bought three.

Here’s the best bit…. they are £2.00 each!!

The colour glides on effortlessly and it’s easy to tidy up around the nail. I used only 2 coats and what amazed me so much is that they dried almost instantly, to my delight as I had to finish that bag of haribo, obviously.

Here are a few other colours..

Now here they are painted on plain false nails…

Aren’t they just beautiful 😍😍

The one on the left is the colour I used- pink strobe in the PS..insta girl range 💖🦄

So there you have it holographic nails for just £2.00!! An absolute must have! Get yourselves down to Primark guys! 😘 xoxo

Unicorn Cosmetics 🦄 

A review on the Collectors Edition Brush Set 🦄 💎

I rarely treat myself these days because I’ve had to use money for driving lessons & saving for furniture in my new home. But on this occasion I just couldn’t help myself! There I was one night curled in bed scrolling through Instagram and not before kind I came across Unicorn Cosmetics, before I knew it I was stalking their page and liking almost everything like a mad woman, I must have been so annoying, I can imagine the constant dinging but I couldn’t help it, this page is just so me! It’s girly, glittery, makeup related, unicorn and mermaid related, I was totally in heaven! 

I was drawn like a magpie to the most beautiful brush case and brushes I have ever seen. They were so pretty, glitter, sparkles, pink, unicorns…. I was just getting way too excited. Is this real?! I found the perfect Christmas present. THEN I realised it was limited edition and wasn’t going to be restocked! It may only be just over a month to Christmas but how do I know that it will be still there?! I dropped enough hints to my boyfriend over the course of 24 hours and he was so relaxed about it. It’s LIMITED EDITION and it won’t be RESTOCKED!!! 

So one night after a bottle of wine and endless times scrolling through the site, I did it. I clicked buy. It was the best decision ever. I know your thinking calm down it’s just makeup brushes and a case but no seriously it’s not. It’s too amazing. 

The silver glitter diamond case features zips in the shapes of unicorns 😍🦄 When you open up the case inside it has a blue glitter background and is filled with silver glittery makeup brushes that sit neatly in place. Each brush had a baby pink head 😍Are you in love yet?

The Brushes

There are 10 brushes inside, 5 best sellers and 5 brand new ones! There isn’t a brush here that your missing, they will do it all. The brush heads are so soft on your skin, this feels like a truly luxurious set and most importantly your makeup glides and blends in perfectly. 

*The above photo was not taken by myself but taken from unicorn Cosmetics Instagram*

The delivery & packaging:

10/10 for me, I placed the order and despite paying for standard delivery of 3-5 days it arrived within 2! It came in a large cardboard box, once opening this protective box you will find the actual purchase box which says on it- ‘you have unicorn mail!’ 😍 I was super impressed! And it brought out the inner child in me, I was so excited! Opening the box carefully, the makeup case is wrapped in a transparent bag which sits in the box of tissue. You receive two pictures of a unicorn lady one is just a picture whilst the other contains a description of each brush along with some tips! It was such a beautiful product to open and made the experience so special, it felt like I had been spoilt. I am 100% impressed. Take a look at everything:

I am so happy I discovered Unicorn Cosmetics and I already have a wish list on the go- next on the list is their false lashes 😍🦄 I must say a huge thank you to Mel Blue (founder) for creating and introducing us all to these amazing brushes 😊😘

The price of the set- £54.99

Where can I buy? 

On their website by clicking here 

If you fancy seeing more of this set including videos check out my Instagram pagethisismyxoxo 

Don’t forget to check out there Instagram page too! Type in unicorncosmetics or find them in my tagged pictures on Instagram! Here’s a glimpse of the amazing goodies you can expect to see:

All photos are my own except for one that was taken from unicorn Cosmetics Instagram and mentioned above. 

Hope you all enjoyed 😘 


Argan Oil Benefits

For those of you who know me you know I am a big fan of Face and Body Oils.  I used to snarl at the idea of using Oil, why would I want my skin greasy? Well I couldn’t be more wrong and I am glad I tried it. The first time I bought Oil it was for my stretch marks, then soon after I ended up trying it on my face and neck. Then became the fascination and I began trying so many different oils, comparing many.

Over time I am sure I will be sharing different opinions on oils but today I wanted to focus on one of my favourites Argan Oil.

After seeing one of my tweets, The Body Source contacted me and asked if I would happily share a tip on Argan Oil.  I am always sharing tips and tricks to people whenever I can so this was no different. They kindly shared my tip on their website under the article ’20 Effective and Essential Argan Oil Benefits and Tips from the UK’s Leading Beauty Bloggers’. Firstly WOW, they think I am one of the UK’s Leading Beauty Bloggers?!! *Excuse me while I fall off my chair* WOW, I am totally overwhelmed to be included in that category, I feel so honoured. If you’re reading this Body Source, Thank you 🙂 You can read my tip by clicking here


After they posted my tip, they contacted me for my address and as a Thank you, they gifted me with their own natural Moroccan Oil! I was completely over the moon, the bottle came with a little Thank you note. Again I was so overwhelmed and thankful. So here’s what they sent me:


Guess what guys? There also gave me a code for 20% off if you guys fancy trying it!! The code is: lovearganoil20xo

Now lets talk Argan Oil and why I like it so much!

Moroccan Argan Oil smells natural, almost like wood. The oil comes from Northern Africa Tree Nuts- hence the smell!!  It doesn’t sound a pleasant smell but trust me it is.

Argan Oil is perfect for hydrating, it penetrates the epidermis layer of your skin much quicker than any other oil. Unlike most oils that sit on the skin until they are absorbed, it wont be long before your dry with this one! Meaning its great for using in the morning too as it wont affect your makeup or rub on your clothes, now that’s a bonus for me!

I apply the oil onto my face and neck every evening, I have been using the Body Source one in particular for two weeks now as its brilliant for Anti Ageing. The tip I shared with the Body Source was that I like to add drops of Lavender into the oil and apply to my face and chest. I suffer with anxiety and some evenings I really struggle to switch off and calm down. Lavender is known for its calming properties and with Argan Oil being known as a Carrier Oil it means its a brilliant combination. I sleep better and wake up radiant and glowing, whats not to love?!

So what other things can it do?:

  • Moisture cuticles and strengthen nails
  • Help soothe skin with rashes or razor burn
  • Hydrate and keep your hair shiny
  • Helps Scars as it encourages Cell Growth
  • Anti Inflammatory

So why not put your expensive night cream to aside and give this oil a try. I doubt you will regret it and I think it might just save you money!


Noughty intestive Car Leave in Conditioner

Noughty or nice?

Like most people I have a little wild side but when it comes to my hair that’s just not an option!!! It’s out with lion tresses and in with the silky rapunzel locks. My wavy hair is often frizzy and a little on the dry side and recently it’s been feeling worse so it definitely needs a little TLC.

When I received the June Glossybox I will be honest my heart sank a little when I saw ‘leave in conditioner’ I went back to a child remembering the leave in conditioner that left your hair greasy and full of product, lasting 24 hours before the need to rewash took over.

The lavender coloured tube named Noughty is an intensive conditioner boasting 97% of natural ingredients such as Argan Oil and Shea butter. It’s vegan AND paraben, silicone, sulphate and petrochemical FREE! No Nasties! The remaining 3% if the ingredients is made up of the preservative system, which stops the product from going off after opening.

As much as the free from noughties and natural ingredients excite me, I must admit it also made me a little nervous. How will it stop frizz? Am I going to be greasy? and is it going to make styling difficult? Is it worth this stress?

When I finally took the plunge I towel dried my hair and split my hair into two sections as it’s rather thick. I then massaged a teaspoon amount in each section throughout my hair from about 2 inches of my roots down. I put most of it on the ends and the ends of my layers throughout. The amount you put on will depend on the thickness of your hair so don’t go by these recommendations only what you would normally use and remember no washing out!

After about 10 minutes of letting my hair naturally dry, I found that my tangle brush glided well through my hair. I used my hairdryer and paddle brush together to help against frizz.

Once my hair was dry, I just sat staring in the mirror and glided my fingers through my hair. I was overwhelmed at the result, my hair was soft, shiny and looked healthy as though I had been the hairdressers. Very impressed! But the test was not over, here comes the styling!
Splitting my hair in sections, I curled them with my ghd straightners, they curled well and there was no need to go over any areas. I separated each curl gently and finished with tresseme hairspray. There were no problems or fussiness instead my hair looked glossy, bouncy and healthy.

I knew the conditioner had made a difference when my boyfriend admired how nice my hair looked and asked if I had used anything different!

*Below is what my hair looked like after styling!*

This intensive treatment has completely changed my opinion on leave in conditioners. I have been using it every time I wash my hair and I am quite sure that when it runs out, I will be in my local Boots/Superdrug buying more! Plus it’s only £6.99!! In my opinion it’s something everyone should try a little of, you may be like me and it may just change your mind.


My first impressions of Dollibox

I am huge fan of subscription boxes and have been a loyal customer of Glossybox for about 5 years now! I love receiving monthly gifts to myself to try. It’s a perfect way of trying things you wouldn’t normally and discovering new brands. Some of my favourite brands and products I discovered through Glossybox. 
There are so many subscription boxes available now and they extend on from just beauty. There’s something for everyone. I have been on the lookout to try another box, after looking around, I found a lot of people were ‘raving’ about Dollibox, I’ve heard of it but never really looked into it until now. I contacted Dollibox directly and asked if they would be interested in a Collaboration, they offered me
a discount on the box if I wanted to try it out. I was over the moon and I couldn’t say no. 
I had been advised that my box would arrive around the 10th June. I was expecting delivery mon-fri like my Glossybox so I had in my head it was likely to be Monday 12th at the earliest. But when I returned home I saw a little ‘love note’ from the delivery man advising it was left in a safe place. Holding the box in my hand I couldn’t believe it had arrived on a Saturday and I was absolutely over the moon. It literally made my day! 
The box is about half the size of Glossybox but all the products fit in perfectly. There was a little leaflet inside that told us what products were included, the prices and ingredients. I am so impressed with what I received, I loved every single product. I think this can be hard to say about some boxes but Dollibox was even better than my expectations! 
Have a look at what I received: 
My favourite product in there has to be the mermaid makeup brush it’s so beautiful and the brissels are soft on your skin 😊
Pro Range Mermaid Makeup Brush- £29.99 for set of 10 brushes! No doubt this has made it onto my wish list!
Pura Cosmetics Lip Balm– £2.50 
I can’t get enough of this! It smells amazing and if you happen to lick it by accident it actually quite tasty! This cute balm is made from all natural ingredients and is 100% cruelty free 🙌
Another yummy smelling product I got was a Raspberry Jam Donut smelling Wax Melt. It smells exactly like Raspberry Jam!! It’s unbelievable. I currently don’t have a wax burner but I have already seen one for £5 that I will be picking up 😊 this wax melt is only £1.30 by the Wax Melt Bakery in South Wales. One again this product is 100% Cruelty free and vegan! They have some amazing ones on their Instagram including glittery ones, so don’t forget to check them out 😊
Palmers Coco Butter Eventone Sun Lotion £9.99 
I have been a huge fan of cocoa butter for a long time and I can always count on their products to do exactly what ‘it says on the tin’ their body lotions and tan are always in my house so I was excited to receive this little addition. The ‘Palmers cocoa butter smell’ is there as you would expect and the cream is just like the cosy lotion in consistency, it’s thick but rubs in well. With added ingredients of shea butter and coconut oil it helps guard against the suns damaging effects to maintain a youthful, even skin tone. I have used this all weekend as the sun has been so hot. 
Popfeel Concealer £2.79
Lightweight and silky, this is a Concealer to cover everything from pores to bags. There are 11 different shades so there’s something for everyone! The shade I received is the perfect colour for my skin, it blends in well and doesn’t flake off after several hours.
Seacret Hand Lotion £29.99
This came as a travel size which fits perfectly in any handbag. This product boasts in natural ingredients. Featuring orange oil, sunflower oil, cocoa and shea butter, Dead Sea minerals and vitamins A&E it all aids in super soft hands! 
I was so impressed with this box that I have signed up for a box per month, It’s £13.00 including delivery.  Currently I have 9 days till the next delivery and I literally cant wait!
If you fancy checking out Dollibox click here
To see more pictures of these goodies and other beauty products, check out my instagram page thisismyxoxo for more or you can click here

Is Activated Charcoal any good? And what for?

Why is everyone raving about Charcoal?
Don’t get confused it’s not the same Charcoal you would put on the BBQ! Avoid those, they’re full of toxins! What I’m talking about is Activated Charcoal!
What is Activated Charcoal? 
It is a form of carbon that is formed to have small pores that can increase adsorption.
It’s a natural treatment people use to adsorb toxins and chemicals and flush them naturally out of the body. It’s often used as treatments for drug overdoses or poisoning.
For the Skin:
Today I tried a Charcoal scrub that came with my Glossybox this month. These dark grey granules turn darker as they are rubbed into your skin with water. It turned the water on my skin black and he granules were a lot more rough than I had thought. But it certainly felt like I was giving myself a good scrub. It was exceptionally messy and did get everywhere in the shower but it’s no problem as you just wash it all off and down the cubicle. Watching the black Charcoal and water go down the plug made me feel cleaner already. My skin felt amazing which is exactly what anyone would want from a scrub. Once dry, my skin is now still silky smooth, it feels like a fresh layer of skin! I’m impressed!!
For the Face:
It’s recommended for acne and problem skin. Like most people I have blackheads and notice that the Charcoal pore strips are much better. I use them on my nose and chin! The face washes are particularly good as they
For your Teeth:
It’s come alight that Charcoal is meant to whiten your teeth but does it really work? I have been using Just Smile activated charcoal powder, twice a day for 8 days now.  I am a huge fan of white teeth and teeth whitening. I usually use whitening strips but I have been desperate to find something more organic and natural. No nasties! My teeth aren’t really stained however I have two teeth on my lower set at the front that always stain and there the ones you can notice, they’re the ones I need to particularly focus on! The idea of Activated Charcoal powder is that you wet your toothbrush and pick up the powder in the pot with the wet toothbrush, you should brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Like all Charcoal products it can be pretty messy so avoid wearing white!! But it will wash away from the sink easily so don’t worry. You do have to wash your mouth out several times as the Charcoal stays around your gum lines an tongue! A thorough cleanse is needed!
 I have noticed a difference in my teeth in just 8 days, although not as dramatic as maybe I had wanted, but it does work! I will still keep using it daily, I love how much you get and for the price. It’s a bargain and It’s natural, so it’s a winner for me! Here’s my before and after pictures, picture on the left is day 1 and right pic is day 8:
If you want to try this you can use my code ANASTASIA10 for 10% off Just Smile and can be pricked by clicking here 
Please note this powder must not substitute brushing your teeth! You must still brush your teeth twice a day and make sure your toothpaste has 1350-1500ppm of Fluoride as this helps against tooth decay.  
For the Body:
A few years ago I tried Charcoal Tablets. The reason I decided to give them a whirl is because I suffer with IBS and at the time it was really angry. I had heard that it would help eliminate the toxins in your body that would cause bloating and gas.  However I didn’t feel that it worked as well as I had hoped so naturally I swapped it for peppermint tea which I feel is much better for me.
There are some medical people that have advised that people taking medication should avoid using the charcoal tablets. The reason being is that Charcoal will adsorb things so it is likely it will make your medication less likely to work.
I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a bit more knowledge about Activated Charcoal.