The Double Life πŸ‘«

Living a double life is exactly how I would explain being in a long distance relationship. Always leaving the reality behind and entering a dream. It doesn’t matter what others say because to you the grass is always greener on the other side. And for me it really is. I thought all men within 100 miles from me where all the same. When I was beginning to give up thinking there may not be any datable men to my liking in the UK I met my partner who lives in Kent, a further 100 miles away! It’s not easy but it’s worth it. The journey is 3 hours but with 3 changes and the connection times, the total travel time is 4 hours and 35 mins, there are several countries you could travel to in this time! But as I said it’s very much worth it. My weekend nickname is Dora the Explorer as I’m always visiting new places and trying things in one of the lives I live for the weekend. Having a double life not only opens my eyes to other things, it allows me to leave behind my worries and responsibilities for a day or 2 to relax and focus on something different. Of course my problems never go away and I still return home to that one cup of tea I left on the dresser that I forgot to wash but at least it gives me time out and sometimes even a clearer perspective on things. I am very lucky to be in love with someone that treats me well and appreciates my exploring/ curious nature. Long or difficult journeys often lead to beautiful destinations creating the most memorable moments. 


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