Russian ice stars πŸ‘―


When I saw this advertised I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start my Easter holiday. The performance was a ballet on ice, therefore there was no speech, instead the story was told through the dancers. If you had never seen Beauty and the Beast before you would of certainly been able to understand what was happening. Belle was so graceful and moved effortlessly, besides being thrown in the air, she kept her elegance. Beast on the other hand used strong movements and powerful glides, a strong contrast to Belle and the other dances. It was almost remarkable as the dancer was thin and tall with very little strong masculine features yet you forgot his build and instead re-created a beast in your own mind. The power of the dancers movements along with your own imagination created a story that needed no narration, just your own mind. They incorporated fire and aerial skins which were breathtaking to witness. They also have performances of Peter Pan and Snow White coming up, So if you fancy a nice quiet evening, relaxing with effortless entertainment, take a stroll to a nearby theatre and sit back and relax, it will be worth the trip! 


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