Risk it for a chocolate biscuit? I think not #Waist training 



Itsy bitsy teeny weeny waist, I first saw Kim kardashian sporting one and later so images of women around the UK and America squeezing their already fabulas bodies into basically a girdle. Wearing this provides compression on the waist and lower abdomen, the idea is that your moulding yourself like clay. There is a challenge to wear the garment for 30 days and you will notice a difference. Sounds simple right? I have always been a fan of trying new diets and therapies in my ongoing weight battle. I’m not thin nor am I am fat, perhaps I’m cuddly, I have never been skinny like all the rest of the girls but I did used to look like an apple on legs when I was in my teenage years so perhaps I’m over cautious now. Since  then I will pretty much try anything to avoid looking that way. I only seem to carry weight around my middle which makes it so hard to get off! I have 8 weeks till my holidays so this is the perfect time to achieve a waist in a suitable time. How hard can it be? I clicked buy now and before I knew it, the waist cincher had been delivered and I was trying it on. I thought I would try it before I start my full day, I was so eager I just had to see what it felt like, I dived in putting it on the first hook which is the tightest and after 4 hours yesterday I was getting rather dizzy. This morning I squeezed myself into the garment and placed it on the second hook. All day I felt supported like I was wearing Bridget Jones knickers, at least till about 3pm when I started noticing the tightness on the top of my ribs, it was particularly uncomfortable sitting down although I did spend most of the time running the toilet, it must be squeezing my bladder like a lemon. 10 hours in and I feel like I may have cracked my ribs, I had to lye on my bed for a few minutes when I come home from work just to stretch everything out! I’m guessing I am meant to wear it for a full 12 hours judging by the recommendations I have read they say a full day. Finally I have reached the 12 hours and I couldn’t wait to take it off, after a bit of a struggle i feel instantly relieved, I look down and notice an instant difference in the appearance of my waist. My waist is so flat and feels tight as though I had been doing sit ups. Although I have just had my dinner I hardly look bloated! There’s a few red marks were the cincher has been but I suppose no pain no gain!  Although it was so hard near the end, I’m already excited to see more results! Roll on day 2! 

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