Day 3 waist training πŸ‘Š

Today actually isn’t so bad, it is a Sunday though and I have barely done anything. I’ve even managed a power nap in it! It’s still rather uncomfortable however today I have the option to stretch out more in comparison to yesterday. It was a long day training yesterday, I started the day with lots of walking around the world museum in Liverpool. As the Grand National was on, thousands of people gathered at pubs to watch it, I couldnt really say no when it was in my home city. To start with i seemed fine sitting still but within half an hour my ribs felt like they were cracking, everywhere else felt comfortable except my ribs. Being in a pub I couldn’t really not enjoy a little beverage, after all I had been walking around and I was spitting feathers. I choose a refreshing strawberry and lime cider which turned out to be a bad mistake. It made me burp constantly and uncontrollably to much amusement to my boyfriend. Perhaps the amount of wind was the cause of the cincher getting tighter. I was having absolutely non of it. Upon leaving and walking around town we came accross Alma de Cuba, they happen to do very nice cocktails and it would have been so rude to walk past without popping in. It’s such a beautiful bar and my french martini was made just perfectly as I had expected. If you’re reading this and your not from Liverpool, I highly recommend you take a visit there, it will not disappoint you, it’s unique decor is due to it being a church. It’s probably one of my favourite bars in town. Naturally I was having such an in depth conversation with my boyfriend that before I knew it i was sipping Mai tai’s and had strawberry daiquiri’s on order. Consequently I had forgotten entirely about the cincher for a few hours at least until I got in the taxi where I almost fell face down. I lost my balance getting in and usually your body would turn and you would manage to land your bottom on the seat, this didn’t happen at all. Instead I landed on the seat on my side and had to pull myself up. The taxi driver just started in disbelief. With the cincher being pulled so tight it certainly restricts movement where you would normally be able to lean left or right. Despite narrowly missing injuring myself when I finally pulled the cincher off, my boyfriend was shocked, what he thought was silly and I must be completly out of my mind, he had noticed something. It wasnt until I woke up this morning when he looked at me getting changed and said “you look good”. Well that’s enough motivation for me to keep going! My next post on this will likely be thursday or Friday now and hopefully I will have noticed more of a change within a week. 


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