How to fix a cracked/broken nail in 4 steps! ðŸ’…


Caught your nail on something? Or perhaps your clumsy like me and you have accidentally sliced it with a bread knife when your making your dinner. How clever of me! Either way don’t  panic we can fix it and here’s how: 
1. Apply superglue onto where the nail has split. You can use nail glue but it’s not as strong. 
2. This is an optional step but it is recommended if you need this to last and you can’t get to a salon. Cut a tiny square of material, I usually cut
a bit from a bandage and apply this onto the nail and allow to dry.
3. Your nail must be dry for this next step! Whether you have chosen to do the second step or not you need go
File the area. Use a cardboard file as apposed to a metal one and gently file over the top to create a smoother surface. 
4. Finally you can now apply your nail polish as normal! 
To avoid further breakage I would recommend using a gel nail vanish like Barry M jellys. They dry thick and chip less. Also apply a good cuticle oil onto your cuticles twice a day to encourage healthy growth and stronger nails. I am currently using CND solar oil. 

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