Are you ready for my week of getting waisted?Β 

So a lot can happen in a further 6 days! it took a few days for me to get used to wearing the cincher but by day 4 i was surprised at how comfortable I felt, it felt more comfortable than squeezing into my smaller sized Spanx on a night out. So naturally when I awoke on day 5 I grabbed my waist trainer and done up the first hooks, the tightest it could go, it felt tight but it gave me a little bit extra confidence and right now I need it. It’s typical the week I am doing my first before and after photos I have so much water retention that you could squeeze me like a lemon πŸ‹ Even though I feel bloated, wearing the cincher makes me feel the same as my trusty Spanx keeping everything in! 

Each evening I take the cincher off and stare at myself in the mirror searching for changes. I know it’s silly but it’s quite obsessive! It’s difficult to see if it’s working but I can feel a small difference. On day 5 I had been wearing my cincher for 7 hours when I leant down to lift some boxes at work and the most embarrassing this happened! My left breast flopped out of my bra πŸ™ˆ thankfully no one was around to see it, but I can only imagine the cincher has been so tight around my ribs that it may have slimmed the back of me down and perhaps that’s why the back of my bra seems looser?  That day I will not forget, I even had it on for the longest time yet of 15 hours!! However at some cost. When I did peel it off my skin, I had red marks on both sides of my rib cages, I had grazed the skin! I couldn’t believe it, I hadn’t felt it at all, perhaps I was still slightly traumatised by the idea that anyone in my work could of seen my boob πŸ™ˆ 



Yesterday was day 6 and very painful, I struggled so much after 10 hours that I was running up my stairs throwing my clothes off just to get it off. My ribs looked red raw! 

After a good rest, when the sun came up the next day, it had now been a week of training my waist. I decided to go half the day without wearing the cincher to give the grazes time to heal, but when I arrived home from work I placed it on again in an attempt to mould myself. So after a week here is how many body shape has changed slightly, bearing in mind I am bloated and full of water retention! 
There will be more updates on my training next week πŸ˜„

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