Little less friction and more cinching please πŸ˜

I am very late posting this waist training update as my boyfriend had whisked me away to a Spa for the weekend to celebrate my birthday 😊 a review on the Spa in Surrey will be posted later on this week, so keep your eyes peeled! πŸ‘€

For those of you who have been curious about my waist training journey, I am happy to say I made it 2 weeks but at some cost. The waist cincher grated the skin on both sides of my ribs like cheese and has left marks rivalling some rather nasty friction burns, I’m no stranger to falling down the stairs so I have certainly sported a few marks in my time. The cincher continued to grate my skin, despite wearing a top underneath, It had become agonisingly painful to wear the last few days. But I still put in on like a piece of jewellery everyday. I lathered sudacrem on each evening, layer after layer in a desperate attempt to heal the skin, all in an attempt to create my beach body! πŸ‘™ This week my aim was to do 30 mins of excercise a day. Due to the size of my to do list, most of this consisted of hours of walking instead, however I did manage to dust off my cross trainer. It squeaked and squealed as I stepped on, making the same noises my ribs were likely making as they were being hugged so tightly during a workout. I had noticed a small difference once again at the end of the week but my measurements only seemed half an inch smaller around my waist. I did lose a further inch but this came off around my bust which is totally unnecessary and I have no idea how it happened. Not too mention I have now dropped a shoe size, which again is a little bizarre and no where near where it needs to come off!! 

I haven’t worn my cincher for 3 days as I haven’t been home to wear it. I am glad for the break though, I needed it. It was becoming ridiculously painful around my ribcage. The red marks have now turned purple in colour and are still tender to touch. During my spa break, I walked like a penguin when I was near the pool or jacuzzi, waddling around, keeping my arms pinned close to my sides to shadow any possible embarrassment of someone seeing the marks! The fact I had no tan on seemed the least of my worries!

On the first day of not wearing the cincher, I noticed my body changing again and not for the better and I felt so bloated. By the end of day three I cant see my toes because my stomach has expanded so much. I am slightly dreading reaching for my cincher again but I stare over at it curious as what it could do. It doesn’t fill me with the greatest of confidence that two weeks of pain has actually only made such a small difference. Can I make another 16 days? ⏳


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