23 days cinched in!Β 


It’s been 23 days of thinking slim, holding it in and buckling up my cincher, all in the hope of having a nice figure in time for my holiday. Although I have been wearing the cincher on the tightest hook I have put the three hooks at the top on the loosest, these are the ones that cause the cuts on my skin. I’m not giving up or having days off! I am so used to wearing it now it’s like putting  on my bra in the morning, just something you do to stay supported! Overall it helps your posture and there is less chance you will slouch on your chair wearing one. Now the 3 hooks at the top are looser I only feel uncomfortable after 10 hours, I still have another 7 days and looking back I can’t believe I have made it this far! Once the 30 day challenge is up I will be reviewing the challenge as a whole, bringing the pros and cons for anyone interested in trying it. 


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