Turn back time with Oil 🌰🙏⏳

Some of us are so sceptical about applying natural oils to our skin and why? Personally for me I always thought they were too greasy and would only bring out a breakout on my face. There is never a good time to have spots. We will go for a massage and let the therapist apply natural oils to our skin but how is that any different? Do we convince ourselves that somehow their oils are much purer than ours? So in this post I aim  to convince you that oils are a good idea and bring so many benefits to your skin! My favourite natural oil is sweet almond oil, you will notice most products will contain this oil because it has so many benefits, it’s in moisturisers, body lotions and even children’s skincare as its works well on sensitive skin.  Did you know it has also been rated as the number one oil that reverses the signs of age. Could this be the fountain of youth in a bottle? 🙏  it’s high in vitamins A, B and E. I use it every evening on my face before I go to sleep and it’s my favourite routine. The consistency is silky and light nothing like what you would use to fry your chips in! 


You can buy oils from most health stores, mine was from Holland and Barrat and cost only £3.49. A little will go along way, I use a teaspoon amount on my face and neck. If i don’t use it and have a late night the bags return with a vengeance, all black and purple and so unsightly! You know there bad when even your foundation and concealer struggles to hide it. 🙈
So what are the benefits of using almond oil? 🌰
*helps maintain moisture levels without blocking pores 

* reduces dark circles under your eyes
* reduces fine lines and wrinkles
*helps to correct and even out skin tones
*more radiant skin
*good for skin rashes and Ezema 
Can almond oil be used anywhere else? YES ✔️
*its great for your hair, applying to the ends of your hair to nourish split ends
*using it on dry patches of skin to hydrate
* apply on your hands- you get wrinkles there too! 
* as mentioned before it’s commonly used as a massage oil 
*applying it to your eyelashes will make them grow longer quicker! 
*applying it to cuticles will also help nourish your nails and encourage growth
Intrigued how you could benefit from Almond Oil? Buy yours now and see you difference! When buying an oil check that it is cold pressed, unrefined and contains no additives. Basically just pure! 

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