Review on May’s Glossybox

SASS intimate perfect skin concentrate

I was most intrigued by this product, it claims to slow down hair re growth and help with shaving bumps. The balm is a think clear gel that goes on smooth, it does tingle a bit in areas and I have noticed that the area becomes sticky afterwards, so it’s a good idea to wash your hands! I did also apply it on one of my armpits as that hair tends to grow the quickest, along with only half of one my calfs. The reason I did this is because I had terrible shave bumps, it did sting when it was applied but when I checked this morning, the lumps had completly gone! It doesn’t look like I have any ingrown hairs which is fantastic! So far I am impressed and can’t wait to see if the hair does take longer to grow back. Other products they do all relate to the feminine area, they have shower gels and lotions that sooth the sensitive area after intense activity. Yes girls this does exist! 
A full size product will cost Β£12 and you can purchase this from the website or on
Collection Cosmetics- Field Day Lipstick πŸ’„

As soon as I take the lid off I am overjoyed to see a lovely shade of light pink. Recently I have received a lot of lipsticks/ glosses in red and darker tones in my box. I only wear pinks and nudes, so this was exactly a shade I would buy for myself. It is a beautiful candy pink with a lilac tint which is perfect for the pastel trend this summer. It will bring out everyones feminine inner self. I’m just missing a flowery headband! You don’t even need a mirror to put this lipstick on, with its shape it’s easy to apply, it’s smooth and glides on well along with providing a nice smell. For the price of this lipstick i was suprised at how long it stayed put. I’ve been drinking hot drinks and eating grapes over the last few hours and had no need to re- apply! Perfect and low maintenance, it’s no surprise it’s made its way into my handbag for daily use πŸ˜„


You can buy this lipstick from a health/beauty store like Superdrug and boots for jaw dropping price of Β£2.99!!!

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam

I was quite nervous trying this incase it went terribly wrong and I had no time to fix it before work but I was just dying to try it. The directions say to apply two pumps to your hair or as necessary and towel dry. It’s recommended with thicker hair to divide your hair in sections and then apply the foam. But I didn’t, I was far too eager and instead I applied nervously little amounts here and there and quickly grabbing my towel after to frantically dry it. Once I gained confidence I was applying it where I needed it. Your hair feels damp and you have to towel dry it well which can be a bit irritating if you have long thick hair like me because it takes ages! It does however have a rather nice smell to it. I feel that I could of just washed my hair because I was making it damp, towel drying it and then comes the styling! You have to style your hair afterwards because you have been rubbing it dry and it looks messy. Whereas dry shampoo comes in an aerosol that you can spray evenly on your hair and massage it in, the spray also provides volume and helps disguise darker roots. It gives my hair an instant boost when it’s looking lifeless and you don’t need to style your hair after! 
The next day my hair did feel a bit cleaner but to be honest I don’t think it worked as well as my dry shampoo which I used the day after for a comparison. It did make my hair look a bit silkier but that’s pretty much it.  I wasn’t wowed by this product but I am glad I tried it however I think for now I will be sticking to my batisse dry shampoo. 
If you would like to try this foam, a full size product is Β£7.95 and is available from

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