The most luxurious tea you have ever seen? BooTea πŸƒβ˜•οΈ

I have two weeks before I go away so I decided to do a detox to clear my skin and help aid weight loss. There are many teas and juices out there that claim to clean you up from the inside out, spring clean you within 14 days but one name keeps popping up and I’m curious. It’s Bootea!

I bought the 28 day box so I could do two weeks when I return from my holiday. I know for sure I will need it then! Bootea consists of a day time tea drink and a bed time tea which is only drank every other day.

Bootea is the most luxurious tea you will ever see. Trust me when I opened the box I thought about getting the China out. This is how you would imagine royalty to have their tea bags. They feel like little silk pouches but in the shape of a PG tip, inside you can see all of the ingredients and what’s even better is that both teas taste nice. No horrible aftertaste either!

I started it on Wednesday so I am now on day 3 and I absolutely love it! Therefore so far I have had 3 day time teas and I will have my second bed time tea this evening. I have changed my eating habits consuming smoothies, fruit & nut mixes, fruit, hummus and carrots. I have noticed that I have been craving nuts! Just so you know It’s not always wise saying this in public as I found out, there were men staring at me. I meant it innocently whilst my friend giggled away like a school girl. Sorry guys I’m not talking about your monkey nuts! Note to self not to draw attention to myself πŸ™ˆ Seriously though I have eaten so many I may just turn into one. If I do I am hoping it’s an almond nut as there tall and lean πŸ™

I have also increased my daily activity: starting with some yoga on Wednesday followed by half an hour of combined cardio and weights on Thursday and today. With the idea of cleansing myself I haven’t even had a cup of tea! Now that’s been hard work and yet although I’m not waking up as quickly I am finding I am not craving it like most mornings when I awake. Hopefully over the next few days it will sort my morning crankyness! Or is that asking too much?

I am only on my third day but I have lost an inch already! This is likely to be water weight but still an inch is an inch! I am excited to see what my skin looks like in a weeks time, I’m hoping for radiant skin, after all I am giving it so many nutrients daily!

They have favoured by many celebrities including Katie Price and Casey Batchelor. I’m kicking myself I did try this sooner! Keep an eye out for an update on Wednesday about what it’s like after a week πŸ’‹

Want to try it? Head to their website now BOOTEA


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