Keep your hair looking glamorous all holiday with only 4 products! πŸ™†

These four products are my holy grail when it comes to my hair. I have naturally thick wavy hair but style it curly because I love a bounce to my hair! 
The 4 products that I routinely use for my hair are: Tresamme keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner, balm and their own hairspray either No 4 or 5. 

In all honesty I was never a fan of Tresamme however a friend suggested this to me over a year ago and I still can’t get enough. It controls my frizz and keeps my style for longer. I find that once I have curled my hair with my GHD straightness then sealing it with hairspray it will stay in all night. I wake up with my hair still curled and only ever need to retouch a few areas. The lightweight products smell divine, like sweets, even your partner will say you smell good. Trust me 😘 The hairspray even smells nice, and it’s not sticky compared to others, it’s light and can be brushed out. 

Naturally these products are always in my suitcase when I am going away. With the humidity and dry heat abroad, if you use these products you will find that your style will last a lot longer than usual. The products are affordable in comparison to other Salon makes and a lot of shops have the shampoo, conditioner and hairspray on offer, so it’s a good idea to look around before you buy πŸ˜„ we all love a bargain! So what are you waiting for? Get glamorous hair and wear it all night long! πŸ’— xoxo


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