I used to get spots on my forehead now I get them on my chin. Where do you get yours and what does it mean? πŸ’

Face mapping will show you what causes your spots. Most commonly are large and small intestine which cb reflect a bad diet or consumption of fatty foods. Whereas spots on your chin are related to gynaecological issues meaning you could be due on your period within a week. So ladies every time your spot returns on your chin each month- don’t stress, it’s just your hormones! Here is a picture of me edited showing words over the areas that are affected by the organs. Your face is a mirror so what it says on one side will be exactly the same as the other.  
 So there they are camping out on your face, don’t let them settle there, get rid of them! πŸ‘Š 
Despite the thousands of tips you read such as lemon juice and warm spoons, I will only suggest two items for you. They will be all you need, so put the toothpaste down! 

*Sudacrem (it should always be a bathroom essential anyway).Apply a small amount and cover the spot, leave overnight. It contains antiseptic that will clean and dry out the skin so you will wake up with a barely there spot! 

* if you don’t fancy this you can try Tea tree gel which is sold in home and bargain for 99p. It has a strong smell so you will know what it is the moment you open it. Again as above apply to the area and leave on overnight.
I hope this helped you 😊😘 xoxo


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