Cafe Tabac- Liverpool

If you have had a Long day shopping in Liverpool and need a rest? You need Cafe Tabac. Seriously! 
After a long day in work, I decided to entertain myself with a little retail therapy before seeing my boyfriend later on. Now the shops shut at 8 and I’m not meeting my boyfriend till 9.30 so what do I do? Naturally I have a few bags with me and although I’m walking tall, my feet are starting to scream. A bar is an obvious choice but on a Friday night they’re already full of people, some of which are already drunk and I have already walked way past the Starbucks in Liverpool One that I know is my reliable late night coffee fix. So there I was on bold street, I peeked in places as I walked past- far too loud and crowded. Then I found it, just when I had almost given up. Cafe Tabac, right at the top of bold street, it’s very easy to walk past it, you do have to keep your eyes peeled! 

It’s bohemian style instantly made me at ease, it was busy but not crowded. Just perfect for me. It is light and airy however from the bar onwards it is darker and candles light the tables. Although this cafe sells coffee obviously, it also has a range of alcohol. But what amazed me was that they served my favourite comfort drink and only for £1- hot vimto 😍 

Despite being alone I was more than happy sitting at the table relaxing, the waitress was kind enough to bring my drink to the table which was a very nice touch considering I was silently struggling with my shopping! 

I feel so at ease here and strangely comforted by my environment. What’s even better is if your hungry you can order food upto 9pm! And I’m not talking fussy food, there’s breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers AND they do dessert. There is only 2 but they look mouthwatering. This was an experience and it was so perfect to end of my shopping trip. There’s no doubt I will be back very soon and I can’t wait to try the cocktails and food 😄 


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