Gigi Hadid 

An idol. Style icon and now the newest ‘IT’ girl. 
It’s not hard to see why, this girl is not only beautiful but posses a radiant personality. Her Instagram is like any other woman’s, down to earth and funny. Then you see the odd posts of her career and you suddenly remember this is a Supermodels account your looking at.
She posses a relaxed bohemian attitude. Like a free spirit, she is not frightened to expose her thoughts and opinions and I am grateful for this, it certainly makes her a more likeable, knowing that sometimes even a supermodel can relate. She recently said what she preaches she practices- it’s good to know that when this girl is having a burger she actually is, like the rest of us! She said “it’s not about being skinny for three months of the year; it’s about feeling your best the whole year.”

She has a figure any woman would envy and skin that always looks flawless. Recently Gigi was interviewed for W magazine and openly spoke about how naked photo shoots don’t bother her, but this girl still has values- she expresses she would not get naked for just anyone. 

She’s part of Taylor Swifts “squad” including fellow models and icons, Cara Delvigne and Kendal Jenner. There are many others and I can guarantee you will warm towards at least one of them. Watch Taylor Swifts Bad Blood video for an idea of who’s in it. They are the new ‘SATC girls’ the girls that everyone wants to be, all with their own quirkiness and style. We all envy them and wish to have a similar group of friends, who wouldn’t? The girl squad is a great thing to aspire to, a group of girls supporting each other and being there for each other? Well I’m in! A powerful mesmerising Union.
Be nice. Work hard. Make friends” is her daily moto. So take inspiration from Gigi today and make tomorrow a better day 😄 xoxo 💋


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