The ‘hun’

Imagine your hot and bothered and your hair keeps sweeping your face. Frustrated you grab the hair that’s causing the irritation and stick it in a bun on top of your head. Your not at all bothered about what you look like or how scruffy it is, no one is going to see you and it’s only temporary anyway. Now you have that image in your head- what if this look was ok? People wouldn’t look at you any different? Well it is ok, infact it is trending everywhere at the moment. The half bun nicknamed as the hun has been spotted on popular models and actresses. These women look fantastic, there are so many styles that have been adopted- the clean swept back bun, the low bun, top bun and the messy bun all of which are easily achievable.   
It’s no surprise that I just had to try it! Although it looks amazing on so many people, I don’t think it’s really me. All day I couldn’t get used to the style, I honestly felt as though I had put my hair into a bun and clipped hair extensions into the bottom. I looked pretty odd and it reminded me too much of being a child when you experiment with your hair. I think I will keep it for my relaxing days. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it, because you should and chances are you may just like it. It’s worth giving it a go.

The kind of look your aiming for is very relaxed and natural. Straight after washing your hair when it’s soft is the perfect time to rock it. It’s a great style for when your in a rush or when you want to try something different. Think of the times you would put your hair in a ponytail, but instead you will now be adopting the half bun. The ‘hun’ will take over this season, have your style ready!               xoxo


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