The bigger the better, 6 steps to a full pout! The Natural way!! šŸ’‹


Do you want bigger fuller lips? 

Combining the below techniques will give you a sexy pout so make sure you pucker up! 

1. Start by gently exfoliating your lips, you can buy special exfoliaters or you can simpley just use your toothbrush. You should only apply a small amount of pressure to the top and bottom lips, you shouldn’t be vigorous like you would on your skin. Lightly brushing the top and bottom lip from left to right will remove dead skins and promote circulation in the area, you will probably notice your lips have gone pinky/red.

2. Gently wipe over your lips with a damp cloth and dry

3. Applying a small amount of concealer or primer onto your lips this will make any lip colour stay in place longer. 

4. Use a lip liner to define the natural shape of your lips, you may change this if you like. I would recommend that you take the liner slightly outside the natural lip line to make them appear bigger. I use a nude/flesh coloured lip liner from model co that is recommended for making lips look bigger!

5. Now your lips are lined, apply your chosen lipstick or gloss. For a longer lasting pout you want to apply lipstick and this can be then enhanced with lipgloss. I usually stick to pale pinks and nudes as dark colours give an illusion of smaller lips plus they wash me out too much! 

6. Finally this step is optional but if you like a little more umff, then apply a shimmery gloss in the middle of the top and bottom lip and gently blend outwards, this will give the illusion of a much fuller pout. 

Come on girls, work that pout šŸ’‹


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