It’s the new September Glossybox! 🍁

You can tell its the style edition with the beautiful illustration on the front of the box, I wouldn’t mind a painting like this to my bedroom to be honest.

When opening the box I was captivated by the large pink pot, I had received a huge pot of luminous colour hair mask by Maria Nila which aims to keep your coloured locks beautiful, I quickly opened the pot and was overwhelmed by the beautiful fragrance, not only do I want to put this in my hair but I would love to use it as a body lotion! 😊
A little transparent box catches my eye, what is it? #Invisibobble Inside sit 3 clear spiral hair bobbles. They look more similar to a phone wire (if you remember before the wireless days). A coiled spring shaped into a circle. I couldn’t wait two seconds before trying these, I was a little fascinated. They claim to reduce the amount of breakage caused by regular bobbles and despite their appearance they do actually work. I decided to try out the classic school girl high ponytail and the bobble held the style for a couple of hours! They are a little expensive however if you regularly wear you hair up then you would certainly benefit from them and perhaps would save money from not replacing broken bobbles when the elastic goes. No more pulling out ten hairs just taking a bobble out, we can keep our hair now! The only thing I would say is I would like to see them in a range of colours that way u will always have one to match my outfit 😋

A small pot of #Bellapierre shimmer powder in silver sits comfortably next to a #Marsk eyeshadow brush and what a glamorous pair they make. It’s no doubt I will be trying both of these together. The shimmer is a perfect silvery grey, perfect for mourning the summer and welcoming the winter and we might as well do it style! 

Unfortunately the #nailsinc nail vanish I received was in green and when I say green I mean like a dirty back garden green. Which is great if you love green but it’s not me, therefore I won’t be testing this product but i will be getting it a new home with an owner obsessed with green who I know will very much appreciate it.

Keep a lookout for a review on this box coming very soon xoxo


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