The Style Edition Review ðŸ©

In my previous post, upon receiving the #september #glossybox I tried the #invisibobble immediatly and I would still recommend it to those who regularly wear their hair up. Being able to take my hair out without half of it coming out with it, is a relief. Between then and writing this review I have since seen a pack of small bobbles resembling the invisibobble in Primark. So if you fancy trying them out without the expense, this is the store to go to!

I decided to give my hair a few days rest. It’s a perfect excuse to stay indoors! A hair mask softens your hair making it too stubborn to co-operate with any styling technique. So you’re best not to try it before a special evening or a night on the town. It’s healthy to give your hair a rest, just like you would with makeup on your skin. You need to let it breathe! I have naturally thick, long, wavy hair that goes rather frizzy and ends up looking something like this..

So as you can imagine I don’t have many of these ‘rest’ days and certainly not in public! I fully accepted my own terms and conditions before I ventured on with the mask. I generously applied the illuminous hair mask by #marianila and soaked in the sweet aroma for ten minutes before washing it off. The texture of the mask is similar to most conditioners. I began gently towel drying my hair before using the hairdryer in a downwards motion. No styling = no blow drying. Surprisingly my hair was not as soft as I had anticipated however my hair appeared straight and calm, very calm in fact. This is unusual. There was no static or fluffy ends. It’s hard to believe I hadn’t used the straighteners on it. The slight stiffness of my hair allowed my hair to be easily back combed without dropping out and according to my boyfriend I looked blonder! So it certainly looked like it helped my hair. Hello blondie! 😜 I particularly like this product because it contains all natural ingredients and no parabens or ‘nasties’. Overall I was very impressed with the result. Give it a try, even if it’s just for the smell- you won’t regret it.

Finally I tried two products together- the #bellapierre #eyeshadow and #Marsk eyeshadow brush. This eyeshadow is the perfect way to take you from day to night. Apply this after work and head out and you won’t feel underdressed. The shadow is light loose powder in a perfect metallic silver shade. It’s great to use to blend with other colours for a smokier look. I couldn’t of used a better brush to apply the shadow to my eye lids. The firmness of the brush makes it easy to pick up the powder and evenly distribute it into your eye. Here is a picture below testing the colour. No other colours have been used in this picture. 
Tried and tested some of these products? Tell me your thoughts! 😄 



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