The girls day out show, Liverpool πŸ‘‘

Held in the exhibition centre with the shadow of the wheel close by. The large space is filled with many stalls. The floor blushes as we walk along it in our heels. The pink carpet perfect for any girly day. #Liverpool women aka #scousers and nowadays most commonly known as ‘prinnys’ have always been known for their fabulas bouncy curly blows, rollers and eyebrows. It’s no suprise as you walk around, the area is flooded with hair and brow experts, each offering competitive prices. 
The power #pout responsible for creating the selfie named ‘duck face’ is promoted well by #lipvoltage You can spot the girls who tested this product as they demonstrated their BeyoncΓ© strut as they walked through the open space and why wouldn’t you, when #radiocity is providing the latest chart music. If you look closely you will also notice most of these ladies have eyebrows that we call ‘on point’. Beautifully groomed and symmetrical.

So you have questions that need answering? A little Irish lady said to our group of 5. I looked around and we were surrounded by hair, makeup and beauty. All I could see on this table was some cards and a scanner. Then I clicked, #Tarot Reading. These things depend on how sceptical and curious you are. Open minded, my friends and I did had questions. I asked questions that I wished to know the answer to whilst I shuffled the tarot cards before picking 7 out. My palm was then scanned digitally and the information provided from skin lines and the tarot cards produced sheets of paper, long enough to cover a wall with! It explained the cards picked, what the lines on my hand meant and a guide of what to expect. I have never seen it done this way before but I wasn’t disappointed. Interestingly the questions I had asked had all been answered. 

The ticket price of Β£15 provides you with 2 coupons for 2 small cocktails mixed with ‘funkin’ cocktail mix, in flavours mojito and woo woo. Cocktails after shopping is an average thing in Liverpool, we have never been the cafe type. Let’s face it, if we have got all dressed up then we may aswell go to a bar and crawl home later.
Ibiza Party girl Imogen Thomas keeps us updated throughout the day with competitions and what’s happening on the stage. The stage showcased fashion shows and the incredible hunks (not my type to be honest, but the ladies almost fell of their chairs!). 
Overall I throughly enjoyed the experience. If you get a chance to go next year- grab the girls, sort a date and book your tickets! πŸ‘›

I have bought a few goodies from the event and will be producing a review on all the products by the end of the week 😊 πŸ’‹



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