My Goodies from Girls day out ðŸ‘‘👌

Melody Claire- elegant depilation. Hair removal system.
Clockwise and anti clockwise. Seems like a very easy way to remove hair. Unwanted hair pulled from the root without any pain? Sounds to good to be true I thought as I slowly started to dismiss the product. But with little convincing from the woman at the stall, I was already sitting on a stool waiting for a demonstration within seconds. She pulled out a pink pad which reminded me of the mitt I use for my tan. A pink plastic mitt with a grey sticker inside. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t raised my eyebrows when I saw it. I gave the lady my arm and watched her as she did 3 circular motions clockwise followed by 3 anti clockwise motions applying a small amount of pressure. I looked down at my arm and was generally shocked. There was an area that was just missing hair. I kept rubbing and checking but this was no illusion. Ok so it worked on the hair that has never been #shaved, but what about hair that we constantly shave, like our legs? My friend opted to be a Guinea pig this time as I was wearing tights. Again I watched the motions and I couldn’t believe my eyes when the hair was gone. Numerous people were touching her leg just to feel the difference and there was a big difference. No stubble bumps, redness, rash and no discomfort. Well my friend and I were sold! We bought 2 packs for £20. In each pack it contained the mitt with 6 pads and a small mitt with another 6 pads. The total amount in two boxes are apparently meant to last a year. So in a nutshell it would be a huge saving in comparison to buying razors. 
However it seemed an almost completely different story when I got home. The lady had advised that this could be used anywhere so there are no limits! Firstly I tried my legs then my armpits. Each time the hair appeared thinner but it did take a few times before the hair was removed. It’s a lot more time consuming than I realised. The amount of pressure I needed to apply also shocked me, the lady on the stall was so graceful and it didn’t look like she was applying that much pressure. Like any hair removal, the process is an art and something that requires a lot of practice. I haven’t quite got the swing of it yet but I won’t give up. If you have tried this product, I would love to hear your views. 
Dreamweave- powerhouse gloss

No pain No gain. Possibly a description of the most powerful gloss guaranteed to give you Kylie Jenners lips without the need of fillers. Originally I tried the ice cool gloss and it filled my lips with the same sensations of a minty shower gel. It tingled, tickled and felt fresh. You could feel it working and there was a difference. But when it came to buying the £20 lipgloss I took the challenge and went for the most powerful one they have and crikey is it powerful. I bought the ‘powerhouse’ gloss. It contains 3 different types of plumping ingredients. Two of these are French and the other Italian. When applying this lipgloss it is suggested that you massage the gloss into your top lip and slightly over your natural lip line. The sensation is hot and I mean chilli hot, my first reaction was to wave my hands in front of my mouth to cool it down, only that didn’t work at all. I could feel the product pushing my lip forward and making it swell. I have saved this gloss for occasions because I’m just not used to the sensation enough yet!

Here are my #beforeandafter pictures:

I hope you all enjoyed this post 💋xoxo


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