‘Lipsticks to Lashes’ box

Glossybox could not of said it better. I was so delighted when I opened this box it’s full of beautiful essentials that will tie me through thechillynights and the Xmas #work #parties. 

So what’s inside?
* Eylure- Naturalites lashes

* Emite diamond heart primer

* MUA makeup palette

* Royal Apothic body lotion 

* Revlon lipstick-477 black cherry

This box has me prepared for each and every work Xmas meal and I have 4 all before Xmas! 🎄

I recently tested these products at a work Christmas meal. My day began when I applied the diamond heart primer. It’s silly consistency means it spreads evenly and quickly over the face and is quickly absorbed. I smothered my arms and legs in the Royal Apothic body lotion. Again it is another silky consistency and has a light fragrance. It actually reminded me of something that would be applied to your skin at a spa. It’s a beautiful product. Once my foundation is applied I grab my tweezers and begin gluing the eylure lashes on. They are exactly as they say on be box ‘Naturalites’ although each lash was perfectly balanced in length however if you have long lashes like me this can be an issue. I found that my lashes where poking over it slightly. However for the purpose of this blog review they had to stay on! The final steps will be taken after work.

So how do they rate? 
So in order to rate these products you need to consider the primer, lotion and eyelashes were applied at 7.30am in the morning. 

* Eylure ‘Naturalites’ collection- I am a big fan of their eyelashes anyway as their always very light and so easy to apply. The glue holds the eyelashes on well. I found that by lunchtime (5 hours later) I needed to glue the inner and outer corners again. They had only come apart by a mere 4mm. I did the same again but only on one eye by 7pm. They are always reliable. The only thing I didn’t like was that the lash length was too small and i felt it didn’t suit me.
* Apothic Body Lotion- it’s silky, lightly fragranced and leaves my skin feeling smooth. 

* #MUA makeup palette- the palette comes with a standard eyeshadow brush and has a range of different smokey colours from golds to black. I started off using lighter shades at the inner corner of my eye and working outwards with darker colours to create a gentle smokey eye. I was very impressed with how long the shadow had stayed on for especially for the price of the palette. The shadow lasted 7 hours before I wiped it off. If you would like a palette that won’t break the bank, this is the one you need! 

* Revlon Lipstick- this is the colour you need of you want to fully embrace the trend this season. It can be applied either directly or with a makeup brush which will allow you to choose how dark you would like to go. I would advise using a lip liner underneath and a #makeup brush to apply the colour. I have noticed that the colour will bleed and therefore it can get it looking uneven. It is what I call a ‘Vamp’ colour. It’s not my usual colour at all. A very deep dark cherry but I found when I applied it I really liked it and it has grown on me significantly!  

Overall this was a great #glossybox and I can’t wait for my #Christmas treats this month 🎄❄️



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