Cutest stocking filler presents 🎄👑❄️

Stuck for present ideas for friends or just need a few #stockingfillers to go with a main present? I have picked a few below that may just help you all 👍

For the 90’s chick 

If she’s a big fan of the 90’s, this phone will take her right back to watching Clueless 💖  the #phone cover is from #amazon

For the ultimate Diva 


 These beautiful bags will keep this Diva’s sparkle all night long. Watch the loose glitter roll around as you walk. It is the ultimate accessory for any outfit. The always reliable eyelashes from #eylure will stay on all night, no matter how many times you batter your #eyelashes for that free drink!  💁

The girlie girl 👑

Who wouldn’t love these adorable bunny slippers from #newlook keep those feet stylish and toasty whilst you give your #nails a bit of TLC, with 2 glitter polishes and one beautiful coral how could you not fall in #love with your nails 💖

For the hipster 


For those that appreciate the #creative handmade gifts, why not suprise them with a beautiful #handmade gift like the ones above. You can make your own labels and use a #sharpie pen to write on fabric bags. Who doesn’t appreciate a #personal touch? 😊

I hope my mini guide has been helpful to you. I would love to hear what you think 💋 xoxo

PS. keep your eyes posted for my secret Santa gift ideas in the next few days 🎄


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