STAR WARS makeup

The release of the new #starwars film today is an excuse to get creative with your makeup. Think black, gold and red colours whilst using bold #abstract shapes. Think Of the shapes already used and imagine it on a #model on the #catwalk. With the hype of the new film being realised I just couldn’t help myself I gathered all of my makeup #palettes and brushes and scattered them around the floor whilst I sat in front of a mirror. To concentrate on my makeup I needed to push my #hair back so instead of putting it in my usual bun instead I made a thick plait and used it to go around my head, like a giant plaited hairband. It’s more than obvious o was inspired by Princess Leia’s plaited buns. I decided to create a simple makeup look with black and gold. The images below are what it turned out like. 

Let me know what you think of the makeup. I would love any feedback. If you have also been inspired by Star Wars, I would love to see what look you have created πŸ’‹



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