The Rose Gold Edition- glossybox 🎁

As you all know, Glossybox is a subscribed beauty box that is delivered straight to your door every month. With the #December edition I had a tough decision to make. When do I open it? With Christmas being so close round the corner. I could either open it before or shortly after. I normally cannot wait to open my box and see the goodies inside, but it’s always good to wait a little and I think I have timed it perfectly. 

When you’ve opened all your presents and Christmas is over, it’s very sad. I am a huge fan of Christmas so I try to drag it out as much as possible. I finally opened my glossybox this morning and It was the perfect way to set up the day. A few days after Christmas and I am back to work. I was undoubtably sulking this morning when I realised things are going to go straight back to normal so quickly. Opening my glossybox, another little present made me feel like there is still a bit of Christmas spirit left and there’s no need to to back to normal just yet! 

So your all probably wondering what’s in my glossybox: 

*Etre Belle- golden skin caviar roll on £30.66

*So Susan- statement akin highlighter pencil £15

* Collection- long lasting nail effects £2.99

* Hylamide- pore delete £18

* Essence- liquid lipstick show off £2.50

* Star Skin- Bio-Cellulose second skin mask £8.50

Some very exciting products to try! Keep an eye out for the review on these products coming soon 😊💋 

To view previous goodies from other glossyboxs click here 


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