Mini goodies. Mini loves.

If you want luxury then look no further than L’occitane. I am familiar with their Handcream but I never managed to try any of their other products which is surprising. I adore using products with natural ingredients so it is such a surprise I haven’t tried more of their products earlier. Their natural ingredients are hand picked from the South of France and range from myrtle, cherry blossom and shea butter.  

So when my eyes caught this little adorable travel bag in Debenhams I knew I had to get it. I chose the almond one. Inside this stylish bag is a soap, Handcream, body milk, shower oil and body oil. You may no already from my previous posts that I like a good oil and the body oil did not disappoint. It glides on so well, it’s light watery consistency means you don’t need a lot. A little will go along way. Soap isn’t something I would normally purchase because I always end up coming out in a rash, but I wasn’t nervous to try this as its packed with natural goodness 🌿🍯 next is the shower oil, I know what your thinking- shower oil?! How exactly does this work? This had me very confused! Trust me I thought the same, I couldn’t imagine how my skin would absorb the oil if I am showering, it doesn’t make any sense! But it really does work! It’s light, oily based consistency works into your skin well. It does feel strange at first- it’s not exactly the normal thing to do, apply oil in a shower I mean but it’s worth it 👍 even when you shower it off, you can feel the difference in your skin straight away and THAT smell 😍 it reminds me of products that would be used in a spa during an exfoliation scrub. 

A little bit about the company

Ever since it was founded in 1976, L’OCCITANE has nurtured simple values: authenticity, respect and sensoriality. This is more than a philosophy; it is a commitment that, over the years, has influenced many of important decisions. All of our actions and choices are guided by a twofold desire: to preserve and to pass on. It is this that gives our brand its life force, its meaning and its purpose.(Quoted from their website)
L’OCCITANE employees are involved in Foundation projects, as well as a special initiative to support reconstruction in Japan following the 2011 tsunami. How amazing is this? People who want to help others should always be rewarded 👍

Did you know? 🤗

Every year for Women’s Day in March, L’OCCITANE offers a special soap made in Burkina Faso, donating 100% of the proceeds towards the construction and functioning of literacy centers for local women.  In 2012, more than € 153,000 was raised.
It makes me smile sharing with you products I love and giving you an insight to such an aspiring brand. If I was to start a business of my own (hopefully one day) I would take inspiration from them, all the way 💕

If want to hear more about who they are and what they get upto or to browse their products, check out their website now by clicking here L’OCCITANE

For now my loves 


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