March Glossybox Review πŸ₯🌷

  It’s been a while since I reviewed a Glossybox and the one for March was the perfect one to talk about new and exciting products. Some popular names and some you won’t have heard of, read on to see which products I received and what they were like. 

Catharsis -417 shampoo and conditioner
I received a travel size sample each of the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo was light in texture and I found I used almost all of it on my hair. My hair is long and thick so I always need a little bit extra plus I wash it twice! When I applied the conditioner, I had to double check I wasn’t applying the shampoo again as it was much lighter in consistency and watery. There is no thickness to it. It contains Dead Sea vitamins and minerals along with plant extracts like chamomile, papaya, vanilla and Aloe Vera which all help to keep your hair glossy and healthy. Full size products will cost you Β£16.89 each.

 In my next post due to be published on Thursday it will explain to you how it helps dandruff! If you want to look at other products they have check out their website ➑️ Minus417

Luxie- Rose gold large angled brush 
I’ve seen these beautiful brushes advertised and was over the moon when I realised one of the products would be in my Glossybox this month 😊 I used it to contour my cheeks, the angle of the brush allows you to do this well. The soft brush allowed me to lightly dust over my cheekbone in highlighter. So far a beautiful brush, with no sign of shredding (losing the hairs) πŸ‘Œ and its in my favourite colour- Pink, what’s not to love? Have a look at their website, you won’t be disappointed ➑️Luxie Beauty I have been eyeing up their makeup brush sets πŸ’• classy and glamourises and defiantly on the wish list! 
So Susan- light diffuser

This small compact has a mirror on one side and the other is split into two- one side is a dark brown powder for contouring and the other is a golden glittery illuminator shadow. I used my Luxie brush that I also received to apply the shadows on my face. I applied my foundation and used the brush and applied the darker brown to my cheekbones to sculpt my face. Despite it being dark in colour I found it didn’t show up well on my face and the brush. It was difficult to fit the brush over it- it would be better if the product was just one compact so your brush could fit over it and collect the powder. I did notice I was applying several layers and you could barely tell any difference. I then tried the golden shimmery powder next to it and applied it on the top of my cheekbones, nose and Cupid’s bow . This I could see much clearer and I found two sweeps on my cheeks was enough. I went outside for the next check, I whipped out my mirror and I could see clearly the golden shimmer and it looked brilliant especially in the summer sun! It was however disappointing that the darker shade didn’t show up well. Never the less I would recommend the golden shimmer. I currently have an illuminator skin stick from so Susan in a shimmery silver and that is brilliant aswell. So if you need a new highlighter check out their site now ➑️ So Susan this compact is Β£14 
Olay Regenerist – luminous skin perfecting cream
I will be completely honest here although people swear by Olay (and they do) I don’t tend to use their products. I did try moisturisers, night creams and facial wipes but I found that their products unfortunately we’re too thick for my skin. I always feel like I’m pasting the product on, it never feels natural. It’s no surprise this was an equally thick cream but I found the next day I came out in spots, this isn’t unusual for my skin at all. I did try it again the following day but it didn’t improve the skin condition at all. I think perhaps the products are too oily for my skin. 
Hey Honey- good Morning Honey silk facial serum 
What a contrast to Olay! A very slinky, smooth cream that just glides into the skin and yes it does smell a little honeyish! It’s not a cream that will wake you up but it is something that will make your skin feel soft and smooth. On make up free days, this makes naked feel good! Want to find out more about products they do? Check out their website ➑️  Hey Honey now! 
More information on subscribing to Glossybox and the products involved can be found here➑️Glossybox if you want to look at other reviews I have done in the past, look for the #glossybox or follow me on Instagram or Twitter for updates and photos! 

Keep an eye out for a new post sometime this week! πŸ‘πŸ’•xoxo


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