OPI liquid nail sandΒ 


This is the only nail polish you need! I will be honest the idea of a rough matte glitter look didn’t at first really float my boat but it intrigued me and I couldn’t be more thankful I bought it now πŸ™Œ You will be surprised at the shine it gives! I choose the nude, pinkish colour with a silver tint to go with everything. The colour is called ‘make him mine’. It’s perfect for any time of the year, for any occasion and for any time frame. It’s the only polish I have actually used that dries instantly and is thick. I like to say I’m organised and I suppose I am but there are days when no matter how much you plan ahead you always seem to be in a rush. Like those nights that your going for after work drinks and you quickly pop on your open toe heeled sandals to realise your nail polish is all chipped or worse you don’t have any on! Seriously we all need a little bit of liquid sand, even if your polish is chipped, you can get away with painting over it and it will still dry instantly and look smooth, no one will know any different πŸ™Œ
There are so many shades you can get this polish in now and I truly believe that each one of us should have at least one. Below is a collage of different colours and their names so you can find them 😊   If these pretty colours aren’t enough to sway you, just look at the video below, look how beautiful your nails look in the sunshine 😍 

The removal
This was surprisingly easier than I had anticipated, with it having tiny glitter particles in it, I expected to be scrubbing it off for hours but this was totally the opposite! Is there nothing this polish can’t do? With a little bit of cheap nail polish remover, (mine is currently from wilkinson) on a piece of cotton wool, I pressed down on my nail for roughly 30 seconds before I began to remove it and within a few rubs it was off! 

If you simply need this polish in your life right now, go online and buy it from a beauty store or Amazon/eBay. Make sure you type in OPI liquid sand πŸ‘πŸ’• xoxo


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