Get Sexy!

Time is passing so quickly this year and were almost falling into summer head first with little time to prepare ourselves. I will admit I’m not as dedicated to fitness as I used to be, perhaps because I used to be obsessed. I may not be currently a gym fanatic but I’m certainly not a coach potato! I do enjoy a good walk but you probably won’t catch me running round the block anytime soon although you may catch me spooning my other boyfriend, out of a tub. It’s hard to resist Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream ๐Ÿ˜
For me, this year has completely spiralled out of control. By the time I have realised what day it is, I’m already on a different month. So its no surprise, summer has crept up and I’m not prepared for it. I used to think I had to work out and cut out carbs to be feel good in my own skin and be ready for summer but this year is totally different. I realised we don’t have to do crazy diets or fitness for months in advance to feel amazing, it’s about being comfortable in our own skin. I know everyone goes on about confidence is the key to beauty and how you feel inside gives you a special glow that others see, but let’s face it, it’s so hard to believe. It’s not going to banish my cellulite or make my muffin top disappear. These things take time and patience, but there are other ways of feeling good about yourself and in return making yourself seem more attractive to others. So what I’ve done is put together a few things that may make you feel a bit better about yourself like they do me:
  • Invest in a special perfume, a smell you really like, a smell that defines you. You are a princess so feel like one! My ultimate favourite is the pink Chance by Chanel


  • Secondly is underwear, yes I know what your thinking here if you don’t feel confident then why invest in something that makes you feel worse about yourself. Here’s my answer, I don’t like my stomach so I bought a cute lace all in one body that shows off my chest and hides my insecurities, I look in the mirror and I can focus on the things I really like about myself. Below show some of my favourites from ann summers and new look.


  • Shimmer, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to get yourself glammed up. Whether you choose a delicate shimmer powder or even a body cream with a hint of shimmer, it will make you feel sexy. Apply it all over your body and you will feel instantly slimmer and sexier. The shimmer attracts the light and highlights areas of the body making it appear slimmer and defined. Below shows two amazing examples, firstly a victoria secret scented shimmer powder that brushes on smoothly and smells divine! secondly is a beautiful body oil with a golden shimmer and is great for those who love to tan, it will give you the glow your looking for!
ย IMG_1529
  • PJ’s, you are probably wondering why I suggested this if I mentioned underwear. If you wake up beautiful you want to go to bed beautiful too. Its not just how you start a day but also how you end one. Below are some on my wish list, they are all from asos!
ย IMG_1451
  • Paint your Nails! I’m not just talking about your fingernails, it’s time to get those toes out! There’s nothing worse when you feel “minging” and you look down and see grubby/stained or chipped nails. If I’m trying to cheer myself up a little I go for a bright or glittery colour, something that always draws my eye to them.


So remember, its all about the little things. Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a big impact on how you feel. Whether you have been going through a bad time recently or perhaps your just getting a little fed up with things, make one simple change today and see a difference in yourself and remember you are amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo


6 thoughts on “Get Sexy!

    • thisismyxoxo says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely feedback ๐Ÿ˜Š I love hearing other people’s thoughts. Wow that is spooky! I defiantly recommend it especially now the sun is started to come out, it gives you a lovely glow โ˜บ๏ธโ˜€๏ธ will check out your blog too lovely xx

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