Pokemon inspired makeup! 

You may or may not have heard that Pokemon has made a comeback. The launch of its new game that combined Gps went crackers in the US and as soon as it came into the UK you could tell everybody was downloading and talking about it. I walked down the street the other day and noticed so many people with their phones out, joining in on the hype. I was a huge fan when I was younger, I found almost all of the characters adorable and preferably wanted one as a pet. So to celebrate the launch and to relive some of my childhood memories, I decided to grab the makeup palette and create something inspired by one of these characters. 

I chose Jigglypuff, I simply had to pick a character in my favourite colour! With it being summer time it seemed a create character to be inspired by. Jigglypuff is a bubbly, dreamy character who likes to sing and is guaranteed to make your heart melt 💗 

How adorable is Jigglypuff? I even styled my hair too! 

I created this look using different shades of pink and blending them together. White shadow was used to highlight areas. Baby blue shades were applied to the eyelid and black eyeliner was used on the top. To define the eyes I used large feathery eyelashes and liquid white liner under the eyes. 

More pictures are shown below:

And finally…

I hope you enjoyed this look! let me know your thoughts 💗 xoxo


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