Wake Up Prettier!


Wake up prettier with my bedtime routine

Do you look in the mirror and cringe?

Dullness, red patches, uneven skin, spots and bags. They are all culprits of making us feel ugly when we first see ourselves in the morning. Well not anymore, follow this guide and together we can wake up and smile.

Here’s how:

  • Firstly, as simple as it may sound- Take off your makeup properly. It’s easy to take off your makeup, but are you really doing it right? Traces of left over make up can lead to irritation and spots and can add on the years! Therefore don’t rush this part. I cleanse my makeup off with Garnier Micellar water as its gentle on my eyes, I apply a lot of mascara in the day. I wash my face afterwards gently with a warm cloth and a bit of Ren’s rosa centifolia cleansing gel for £14.00 or Clinique rinse off cleanser for £17.00. My skin is very easily irritated so the rose ingredients inside Ren’s cleansing gel helps to soothe any irritation caused in the day. Factors such as the sun and the wind can affect your skin. For details of Ren’s cleansing gel click here and for details of the clinique products please click here 
  • Exfoliatehow you do this depends on your skin type, I prefer to use a liquid exfoliator such as Clinque’s clarifying lotion or Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser. I find the liquid is less abrasive on my skin. Exfoliating should be an essential part of your beauty regime because it removes dead skin cells, keeps blackheads at bay and helps to even out your complexion. If you don’t exfoliate properly, it will affect the way your makeup goes onto your face. The aim is always a supermodel complexion, so never miss this step out.
  • Eye Cream/Gel– I am using Etre Belle, golden skin caviar roll on £30.66 It’s a light gel that helps reduce fine lines and bags. Always put your roll-on in the fridge, the gel/cream will be nice and cold when it glides onto the skin. This will help reduce puffyness and allow the gel to work much quicker.
  • Apply a serumsuch as Sarah Chapman’s- Skinesis Skin Tone perfecting booster £58.00 Click here to read more about it. I absolutely love it, it really does give my skin a boost. It evens out skin tone, illuminates and firms the skin. What more could you ask for? These serums do all the work, their light consistency penetrates the skin and are packed for all of vitamins and minerals that help your skin repair over night, don’t forget to apply it on your neck.
  • MoisturiseI like to use a light moisturiser otherwise I feel like I am overloading my skin with too many products. Your nighttime moisturiser should be different to the one you use in the day. Look for an ingredient called Retinol as this helps towards preventing aging. I am currently using Avon’s Anew Vitale Night gel cream £20.00. Don’t forget your neck, this needs as much care as your face. The last thing you want is a smooth face and a wrinkled neck- that isn’t a good look!
  • Lip balmdon’t forget your lips. I always grab my carmex lip tint or nivea pearl shine chap stick to keep my lips moisturised while I sleep.


This is how I looked when I woke up:


**The above picture was taken in the morning, mascara on the top lashes is the only makeup that has been applied.**

“They say if you dream something more than once, its sure to come true.”- Sleeping Beauty


Your skin repairs and rejuvenates during the night therefore what you put on your skin is crucial to its appearance. Quality is they key factor here. You can put just about anything on your face but it wont always be a good thing. Everyone has different skin that will respond and react to different things. Invest in your skin and you will be thankful for it. I have combination skin, therefore I find some areas on my face such as my cheeks will be a bit dry whilst my t-zone is wet with excess oil. I have a very indecisive face! I often change the products I use as I love to try different products but its important to listen to what your skin needs. When the season changes your skin will need different things to help it repair. Get some inspiration and ideas from the products listed on Farfetch

I’m currently lusting over everything on Farfetch. You can get all my favourite products on here and perhaps you may be as tempted as me to buy a handbag as well! I spend hours looking on this site as it has everything from clothes, accessories to beauty products. The longer I spend looking means my wish list just keeps getting longer!

Heres what beauty products from Farfetch Beauty made it onto my wish list:

  • Eve Lom- Intensive Hydration Serum £75.00 click here to fall in love!
  • Rodial- Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream £58.00, curious? click now to find out more!
  • Natura Bisse-Glyco Extreme Peel £199, find out more here 


Here are some other little things you can do that will make you glow when you wake up:

  • Go Silk and change your pillow case, its been proven to help reduce wrinkles. The smooth texture stops your face from getting pulled and creasing therefore it is much kinder on your skin. It also reduces hair breakage!
  • Prop up your pillow so its slightly elevated, if you can try and sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated, this will reduce puffy eyes and bags because it helps to drain excess fluid whilst you sleep.
  • Stretchby doing a few stretches before bed, you will relax your muscles. Stretch out your back by doing cat stretches, cobra pose and dog pose. Touch your toes, gently bed from side to side and in a sitting position stretch over towards your legs.
  • Relax your mindadd 3 to 5 drops of lavender oil on your pillow, this essential oil will help you drift into a deep sleep. Careful- Try not to go too crazy with the amount you apply, the smell can be very overpowering!
  • Try to change your products following the seasonsyour skin is different in the Summer than it is in Winter. It will crave different things to help it rejuvenate and repair.

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Sweet Dreams! xoxo


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