Squad Goals Competition & Blog Event

On my arrival I was greeted by a friendly lady with a very welcoming smile, she took my coat and like any perfect host would do, asked me if I would like a drink. Of course I said yes (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t) on her return she bought with her a flute of orange bubbly liquid, with a lovely strawberry sitting on the top. I won’t lie, I honestly thought it was a Bellini all night, it wasn’t until I saw the bottle that I realised It was infact Buck’s Fizz. Clearly I had forgotten how pleasant and refreshing it was.
I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived and sat down. I don’t like awkward silences so I naturally ended up having a conversation with a regular customer who was waiting for a blow dry, she told me how much she loved the blow dry’s and she just has to pop by before her interview the next day. What a loyal customer.
Within a few minutes I was approached by a gentleman who took me over to wash my hair. I absolutely love having my hair washed, the feeling of someone massaging my scalp is undoubtably pleasant, but I will be honest I was more grateful I didn’t have the struggle myself. I know you think I’m joking but I’m really not.Β  I have long, thick, wavy and at times stubborn hair. So my general hair routine of washing, drying and styling can be painful. It just takes sooooo long. On a day of it’s actually embarrassing telling people that I spent at least half the day showering, drying and styling. The stylist massaged my scalp gently and throughly. I knew I was getting a good clean. He was even so considerate of my makeup when he wrapped the towel over my head. What a lovely man!
After combing my rapunzel locks, he asked me how I would like my hair. Now, if you know me, you will know I only care for one hair style and that’s a curly blow. I’m obsessed. Big hair with bouncy curls. I like my hair so big it’s almost reaching the stars. I have had the same hair style since I was fifteen and it was influenced by fashionistas such as Bridget Bardot.
My stylist was sweating as he pulled my hair up and down and twirled it round the brush. I’m no stranger to tough love when it comes to my hair, I just encouraged him to pull my hair as vigorous as possible. No pain no gain, trust me it’s the only way! Despite all this strenuous exercise, he managed to keep a continuous conversation with me and generally made me chuckle.
Big Bouncy Flick’s
Here is a picture of the front and back of my hair:
The regional manager who first greeted me as I came in, made an effort to speak to each blogger at the event. All five of us were asked about ourselves and our blogs, her general interest in us was appreciated.
My Stylist’s tip– Coconut Oil!- I will be reviewing if it works very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!!
There were a few nibbles handed out, in particular were these beautiful macaroons with a chocolate bottom. My stylist giggled when he saw me eat it as my facial expressions told him how much I had enjoyed it and maybe the fact that I discreetly almost put all of it in my mouth. I managed to stop myself from eating anymore. I was subconsciously concerned I would end up with coconut bits in my hair which generally would not surprise me.
I enjoyed meeting other bloggers at the event and chatting away about normal things. These ladies were lovely company and I hope we can all meet up again soon. Below you will see our #squadgoals picture.
Before we left, we were handed a small supercuts bag. The same size as a party bag you used to pick up when you were 10 after you had been to a party except there was no cake. Instead there was a bed head shampoo and conditioner and a small waterproof bag and badge in aid of cancer support.
The competition will be β€˜live’ 1st – 30th September
The prize is a VIP photoshoot at the Tigi Bed Head studios in London (Friday 28th October) – the entire squad will go to London and spend the day having their hair and makeup done as well as clothes styling to take the ultimate squad selfie. Travel and accommodation will be provided.
The photos will be used on Supercuts social channels as well as its website.
To enter all you have to do is take a group selfie (up to 6 people) and enter via SupercutsUK Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels tagging in @SupercutsUK and using #SquadGoals
There’s no better excuse to take a selfie, grab the girls and the camera and get snapping away. πŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ

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