Cracked Doll Makeup💁🏼

Happy Halloween fabulous people 💗 as Halloween has fallen on a weekday it means not only are people celebrating at the weekend but there also going out tonight. So I thought I would show you a makeup look that is easy and quick that you can do using everything in your own makeup case. I have been caught out many years and always said I wasn’t going to go out an then last minute a friend just managed to convince me. I understand the panic of coming home from work and having nothing sorted and the only thing I can manage to put together is the trust worthy cat. Well not any more I am going to show you some pictures of a cracked look doll that was so easy to do, so why not give it a go? 

I did my normal makeup routine- moisturise, prime, foundation and my eyebrows. I did not contour for this look i only used concealer from the edge of my nostril right up to the peak of my cheek, on my Cupid’s bow, chin and nose. 

I than began on the eyes. I used MUA’s makeup palette using a bright pink blended with an icy white. I then used my naked palette 3 an the colour strange which I used under my eyebrows and in my tear ducks. I used a L’Oréal black pen liner to line the top an bottom of my eyelid. I then applied Peaches and Cream eyelashes in No3 for a dramatic look.

I then used secret flush by universal beauty- blusher for my cheeks. This particular colour is very bright so you do not need to press hard, a little dab in a line and blend will do. 

Next you want to start with the cracks. Just use your imagine here. I had an image of the kind of crack I wanted and as soon as I began drawing it on my face it just expanded! I used my L’Oréal black super liner, perfect slim for these. I started by pressing lightly and then gradually went over it until I was happy. 

Once the cracks had been done the only thing left now is the lips. I choose a tinted gloss by burts and bees. I wanted something that looked fairly natural with a nice shine. I then ruffled my hair, who cares if it’s messy! I put it in 2 pigtails and tied a ribbon around each section. 

This is just a guide, you can choose to use brighter colours or anything you wish, just remember to have fun! 

And that’s it! Only a quick post today! If you liked this look/post o would love to hear your thoughts 💗 don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more pictures! @thisismyxoxo

And finally…..


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