Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley Hotel


Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley Hotel

Aka Pret-a-Portea


A fashionista’s dream. The afternoon tea is influenced by the themes and styles of the fashion world. The menu is changed every six months to accommodate the change in seasons in Fashion.


Each delicacy is made with great skill and care with impeccable detail throughout.

I was so lucky to be taken to The Berkeley to experience their award wining Pret-a-Portea (Afternoon tea). It’s not something I would normally be able to afford so when my friends surprised me and said it was a late birthday present I couldn’t be happier. Who ever thought I would get a chance like this! It was such a special time to go as the hotel is celebrating their 10th Anniversary of Pret-a-Portea.


The hotels head Pastry Chef; Mourad Khiat, had chosen 10 of his favourite creations from the past 10 years. A special collection of cakes and biscuits, all influenced by the finest designers. The picture below shows the menu (this can also be seen on their website).

Sound exciting? Eccentric? Mouthwatering? I can tell you it is all of the above.


How does it work? 

Firstly you will be asked to select a tea. There are so many different types. My friend and I went through three pots of Wuyu Oolong tea. It was recommended to compliment our sandwich selection but it was so nice we had to have more.

You will then be brought a select of sandwiches. The selection I had included options such as egg an tomato, hummus with aubergine and pepper (this was my favourite!) I wouldn’t normally chose anything like this but I couldn’t get over how beautiful they tasted.


Your then asked if you would like to change Tea, again recommendations are given but we liked our first tea so much we didn’t want to change.

Lastly you are brought over all the beautiful cakes and biscuits.


The staff were so polite, friendly and attentive. They noticed your tea cup was nearly empty before you did. It was only when you heard them ask if you would like more you would realise! When the sandwiches and cakes were brought out the staff would explain which each one related to and the flavours you would expect.

Pret-a-Portea is served in the Collins Room (formerly known as the Caramel room). Named as a tribute to the legendary designer David Collins. Just sitting in this room will make anyone feel special. I instantly felt like a princess, an ordinary girl swept off my feet. It’s a place you can relax in style.

How much is it?

✓It will cost you £52 each
✓ If you want to include a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne it will be £62 per person

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, a new book has launched.

Pret-a-Portea, High Fashion Bakes &Biscuits

“The book showcases a collection of over 20 secret recipes and baking techniques from the hotel’s head pastry chef Mourad Khiat, featuring key fashion styles from the world’s leading designers over the past 10 years.”

Price: £12.35 from Amazon

For a fashionable twist on Afternoon Tea and a stylish afternoon it is worth visiting the Berkeley Hotel because when you see the tiny beautiful creations you will simply not be able to believe it. A fashion show of cakes and pastries elegantly posing. If your lucky enough to hold a ring Moschino bag in the palm of your hand, you will watch it’s elegance mesmerise you.

Ps. They also give you the cutest handbags to take any cakes you cant eat! We were approached by a Waiter that handed these beautiful hat boxes as he said “just for you”. I could not be happier!


For more information on Fashion Afternoon Tea Aka Pret-a-Portea click here



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