Ghetto golf ⛳️ 

Hey lovelies, 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I spent mine celebrating a friends birthday and checking out Ghetto Golf in Liverpool. Think crazy golf, an artists canvas, alcohol and an eccentric vibe. Then your almost there. 

Located in the Baltic Triangle, in the old Cains Brewary is where you will find this quirky warehouse. The doors to get in are graffitied in illuminous paint. As soon as I walked in, this beautiful light caught my eye. It’s made of gold clubs and resembles a very quirky chandelier, I absolutely love the idea and it looks stunning. It really is a beautiful piece of art work.

To the right of this was a cloak room, It’s £1 to hang up your coat however at least 3 coats can fit on one hook for a £1, so it’s not going to cost you a fortune. In front of this was a bar. Now before beginning any crazy golf, a drink is a must. Needless to say I sampled quite a few cocktails that night and they were very tasty. Check out the menu below:

I personally recommend either ‘The Fluffer’ or ‘Tiki Collins’ 🍸drinks are served in a plastic red cup, i felt like I was at a party in America!  

Behind the chandelier is what I like to call a ‘hippy van’ this is were you begin your crazy golf experience. The lady will supply you with a golf stick and ball and a notepad and pencil to record scores. 

It is an 18 hole golf course, each section is numbered so you can clearly recognise which bit you need to go next. Each numbered area is a different scene, there is a pac man area, scary doll area and random things like toilet seats. It’s very wacky! There’s so much going on and it’s speaks over two floors.  The boys at local skate park got out their spray cans and you can see how much fun the boys at the skate park have had in here, it’s full of imagination and quirkiness.

It was a perfect way to meet up with a large group of friends, it gave us all a chance to catch up and have fun. 

With the cocktails flowing and the DJ playing some funky songs, a mixture of songs throughout the years. Do you know when your somewhere and you say omg I love that song and ahhh do you remember this?! it was that moment constantly so a lot of us, especially me found ourselves randomly breaking out some crazy moves! 

Grab a bunch of your friends and head down, it really is quite a laugh, you won’t regret it! 

Dress code– Smart Casual 

What did I wear? Miss pap black over the knee boots with tights and a black dress with white stars on it from primark! 

Xoxo 😘 


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