New Year Resolutions ✨

Hey everyone,

Firstly and most importantly Happy New Year! 😊💗

New beginnings. Fresh Starts. Second chances.


I will admit I was looking forward to the new year, 2016 was all about passing time for me. My family and I were very unfortunate this year and lost two of our immediate family members, making it a very tough year. From there nothing but bad luck followed our way.

Perhaps my resolutions mean more to me this year because of the year I’ve had. So I have chosen to share with you my resolutions for 2017.

Here they are:

To be Healthy. I know this is on most people’s list to loose weight and be healthy. But I’m not just talking about loosing the extra pounds I have put on from consuming obscene amounts of chocolate!! I am talking about getting healthy and looking after my body and mind. It’s quite a bit different!

Throughout 2017 i’m going to really embrace healthy living and a healthy mind. You probably think I have gone absolutely bonkers (truth is I already am!) I have in my eyes let myself go last year, which greatly stemmed from my mental health. Instead of shadowing away and ignoring it, I realised there are so many people also in this position so I know I won’t be alone in this journey. I will aim to share this journey and my progress with you. Don’t worry I will be still continuing with makeup and skincare blogs!! 😊

Fight for what I want. I had no energy last year, little motivation and I pretty much felt that I had let myself go. I often felt every time I tried to change my luck, I just failed over and over. Our life experiences make us stronger and this year I am taking influence from my mother who never stopped fighting and never gave up.

Lifestyle Page. I’ve decided this year to be a little more open and let you guys know what I’be been doing and the experiences I’ve had. There will also be some tips and places to be! Below is one of the places I have been:

Overall I am hoping this year will be better in many ways. I have worked very hard on my blog and I intend to really improve it this year so if there is anything you would particularly like to see, let me know 😊👍

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Monday ✨



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