There’s always time for Tea and Cake 🎂 

Anna’s Tea Room in Folkestone 

Half way through wedding dress shopping for my friend our stomachs rumbled rather violently. It had been a very busy morning. My friend had already picked a place to eat and she was right when she said I would love it. 

On entering Anna’s tea room it instantly took me back to when I was a child and how I designed my own cafe. It was only small, filled with a few tables with different pastel coloured chairs. Each table was decorated with a Belvoir elderflower cordial glass bottle and inside sat a fresh open pink rose. There was no menus on the table, instead there were chalkboards on each side of the room, demonstrating many lunch options, an assortment of cakes, a range flavoured teas and other not teas and there own afternoon tea options. 

FYI– Afternoon tea starts at £12 per person! 

I opted for a pot of Rhubarb tea and a tuna mayonnaise jacket potato. Their portions are very large, the jacket came with salad and coleslaw and it just managed to sit on the plate! It was very yummy, I ate as much as I could handle as even encountered issues standing up!! It’s impossible not to over eat! 

Before I left, a ritual of mine is to always go the toilet. On this occasion I am really glad I did. As I walked down the stairs I passed a row of champagne bottles with a candle stick inside, it led me to a room with a bistro table and chairs along with a rail of clothes. I really didn’t expect this and at first I was convinced I had walked into a private room, it was so quiet. Naturally I mooched around a bit before I noticed a door at the other end of the room, a little toilet! 

This little tea room is more than worth a visit, especially for those girly girls and fans of Alice and wonderland. As it’s rather small I would advise giving them a call before hand and booking in. We didn’t book but were lucky, bit with such a small amount of space you are defiantly best giving them a call.  

Please note all images were taken by me except for the 2nd photo in the post showing the tea room empty. This was taken online and used to show you the inside of the Tea  Room. 

Contact details:

23 Cheriton Place, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2AY

Contact Number: 01303 210741



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