Toasted skin syndrome

This is a real thing. Honestly! 

Do you use a hot water bottle or rest your laptop on your legs? 

Then you need to know it can do damage!! 

I recently came across this when I discovered a mysterious rash on my lower back. I just couldn’t figure it out. It was only until my best friend said ‘I get that too, it’s from a hot water bottle!’ That I started to put two and two together.

It’s freezing cold outside and despite my 5 layers and the radiator on high, it’s not enough to keep me warm at work. So I always use my hot water bottle. I fill it up roughly about twice/three times a day with boiling water from the kettle. Ok this isn’t clever I know and I admit this, again I recently read that some cold water should be added. woops!

Hot water bottle rash? 

So getting back to this rash! I can’t believe I didn’t click on earlier but it’s actually the water bottle causing it. My skin isn’t raised or anything but instead it looks like it’s underneath the skin. It almost looks like pink/brown veins! 

I’m not ready to give up the heat so after trying everything possible I had to really look into this. Yes ok so I can’t see the rash but 1. I know it’s there and 2. My poor boyfriend will see it (not like I should care what anyone thinks!) but it’s kinda ugly! 

So it turns out, it only arises through extensive heat from something, like:

– a hot water bottle

– sitting close to a fire

– AND even a laptop!!! 

Toasted Syndrome aka Erythema ab igne is caused by prolonged exposure of heat without an actual burn. Examples are hot water bottles and sitting too close to the fire for long periods of time. It can even be caused by a laptop sitting directly on your skin! 
The rash can be various colours from red, pink or brown and formed in a pattern. 

You can get in anywhere, depending on where the heat is being applied to. 

The only way to get rid of it is to stop using so much heat. As I can’t use my hot water bottle anymore and need to be careful with an electric blanket, I have been trying to convince my boyfriend to get me a pet. That way snuggles = warmth!! 

If you use a laptop, make sure you use a protective layer between your skin and laptop. Even a cushion will help!! 

To try to get rid of the marks you need to use an oil for scaring, something like bio oil morning and night, each night till it goes! 

*the pictures used in this post were found on Google, unfortunately the pictures I had of my rash wasn’t clear enough to show you *



7 thoughts on “Toasted skin syndrome

      • Emily says:

        Thanks for replying! I first noticed it in February, but didn’t realize it was my heater until about a month later. I have been using vitamin e and aloe vera creams, but I read the problem is more underneath the skin. I will try bio oil, though:)


      • thisismyxoxo says:

        No worries chick 😊 yes that’s right the problem is underneath. The most important thing you can do is not use any more heat on it or sit to close to heaters as it will get worse. I had mine for a few months aswell I was so cold in the winter and as I have back problems the heat really helps my back. After some research and a trip to the doctor the best thing that seemed to help was bio oil as it’s brilliant for scares. Be patient with it. It may take a few weeks to go away. It just depends how bad it is xx


  1. Kacie.lee says:

    I have this too on my inner thighs. I use a heating pad every night on high to keep myself warm at night. It gets very cold in my room, maybe around 68°. I was just wondering if it leaves scars or if it will ever go away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thisismyxoxo says:

      Hey Kacie, sorry to hear you have this too 😔 but we can’t blame ourselves for wanting to get warm in these cold nights and everyone has their own favourite spot to put a heat. When I showed my markings on my back to the doctor, their advice was to stop using it immediately and only use it if it was absolutely necessary. I use it to help with back pain so sometimes it’s the only thing I find that works so I have found a have used it a little more often than I like. From what I have learnt and been advised it is caused by heat exposure. If you stop applying the heat source it should eventually clear and discolouration should go within a few months. However if the markings feel uneven or any lumps there or it just seems unusual it’s best to get medical advice from a doctor. I did find after months and months of using it, when I did stop it did go away. Unfortunately due to some recent back pain it has returned however I have since stopped again. I keep telling myself everything in moderation and I add more cold water in the hot water bottle now so it’s not as hot on my skin , I hope this helps 😊 xoxo


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