Global Scouse Day

If your from Liverpool or have family from there then you will have eaten and been shown how to make the famous stew dish called Scouse.

It a tradition to pass down the recipes to your children. I always remember the smell in kitchen and the huge pan that sat on the stove. It looked like something from Oliver Twist or perhaps a witches cauldron.
Scouse is the type of dish you make once, get the hang of it and wing it. I recently made some and thought I’d share with you how I did it. This won’t include exact amounts! I was cooking for two and still had some left over so you will need to adjust this guide to that. 
To start you need to decide Red Cabbage or Beetroot? It’s a big decision and it does make a difference. Either one can be used and is served up at the end with the Scouse.

You will also need:

– Onion

– Beef or lamb

– Carrots

– Potatoes 

– Pepper

– Worcester sauce 

– Beef stock 


1. Cut and dice your onion, I only used half. In that goes with the beef and cook gently until the onion turns transparent.

2. Peel and wash your potatoes, I used roughly about 5 but this can be changed depending on your preference. Cut the potatoes in 4 halves BUT different sized halves! For example make 2 big and 2 smaller ones. The reason we do this is because the small potatoes will dissolve an thicken up the stew creating that perfect mushy texture. The larger potatoes will shrink but will remain in chunks.

3. Peel, wash and chop your carrots. I used three but again you can change this depending on how many people you want to feed. 

4. Prepare your red cabbage or beatroot. I cut up about a handful of cabbage in strips.

Right then are we ready to wing it and make a yummy, traditional Scouse dish? 

1. Firstly grab your meat. It can lamb or beef. I prefer beef to be honest but it’s up to you. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the meat because years ago they could only afford scraps, so don’t be getting all posh! I picked up some diced beef from my local Tesco, the box is roughly the length of a size 6 shoe. Its enough to feed two. 
2. Brown the meat in a pan, season with a bit of pepper and squiggle a bit of Worcester sauce over the top. Want to get technical- probably 3 teaspoons! 

3. Separate the meat and onions and put them in a pan. Keep hold of the fat that came off the meat. Trust me this is flavour!! 

4. Get a big pan ready on the stove! 

5. Layer!! You should have your meat and onions on the bottom. Layer your chopped carrots and finally layer your chopped potatoes on top.

6. Use the fat from the pan and drizzle over the contents in the larger pan.

7. Pour over the contents with water just enough to cover the potatoes.

8. Add your beef stock 

9. Bit more Worcester sauce- around 2 tablespoons! 

10. Simmer for around 3 hours! Check every hour and give it a good stir, you may want to leave it longer.

11. Just before serving, sort out your red cabbage or beatroot. 

Serve your Scouse in bowls, with red cabbage/beatroot on the side AND a plate with a few slices or buttered crusty bread! The crusty bread is essential for ‘mopping up’ at the end. 
This is a lovely dish especially in the cold weather. It’s warm, very filling and very delicious 😘💗

If your out and about in Liverpool today, you can grab a bowl of Scouse in the Anglican Cathedral! For something a little funky try Salt Dog Slims or Lucha Libre 👍

Picture above from Independant Liverpool


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