High school in the Noughties 

As I have grown up i have watched how generations change and I generally feel there isn’t quite a generation like the noughties. I was born in 1989 so I was growing up in the nighties and noughties. I started high school in 2000. When I look back and compare it to recent years it seems very random and undefined in comparison to other generations. 

Reminiscing brought up some great memories so I decided to share with you what I grew up with. I am sure this will bring back some memories for some of you! 

Here’s an insight into my life as a school girl in the noughties.. 

Everyone and I mean everyone was reading :

All of the Harry Potter books. We were obsessed.


We would spend school days talking of all the books and the programmes we watched.

We were watching:

Top of the Pops! 

Or more singing a long to it! 

Big Brother 

I would say this was the first real reality show we were saw. Watching other people form friendships and react to situations was fascinating. The amount of times I begged my parents to let me stay up and watch it. With school the next day they always said no, so ljke everyone else my age I waited for them to fall asleep so I could watch it. 

The programs and films we couldn’t watch we recorded on VHS. It seems so old saying that! Sometimes you would get a chance to watch it but someone  always accidentally taped over it!

Some of you won’t believe this but our Friday nights were spent going to Blockbuster and borrowing 3 films for £10 It was all about the movie marathons!

Music also played a big part in our lives, we used to listen to our favourite radio station and record  our favourite songs on Cassette! I actually had the below! Hahaa 

Then they bought out CD’s!! Now this was exciting, it was on everyone’s must have list. But just imagine walking to school with one of these Walkman’s. There was always the problem of them fitting into your pockets. 

What were we listening to?

There was quite a lot but to name a few:

Britney Spears

She was every girls idol, I can’t think of anyone that generally didn’t want to be her. 


Justin Timberlake was in a boy band and just look at them curls!

Destinys Child 

Here’s another one- Beyoncé was originally in a girl band too. I could still listen to their songs over and over. 


It was all about knocking for your friends. When everyone had a mobile you hardly used it to text, the phone was so chunky and it took a while to get used to.  It was more to answer your parents calls!

The first mobile we all owned was:

The Nokia 3210 

It looks like a brick in comparison to phones now. It was all about the cases:

 I generally had this case!! 

& the game Snake 🐍 

It looks pretty crap and boring but it was so addictive. 

The internet 

There wasn’t wifi and to get on the internet you had to connect. You would wait at least ten minutes to be connected and during the while time you had to listen to a dial tone! 

If your family wanted to use the phone it would cut off the Internet. Can you believe that?! That would never happened now. So  trying to flirt was always a risky one! Thinking about it, we really had to have a lot of patience! 

To take a Selfie or do a video or even to video chat with friends it was all about the The Webcam

Move over Facebook/ twitter/ Instagram. We had MySpace! And the most important thing was all about the song. What song describes you best? 

No WhatsApp instead it was Msn Messenger and it was all about the status! 

What about Games?
The sims 

The one game we all played, talked about, had sleepless nights over. We would sit with friends showing them our favourite Sim’s lives! It’s the one game I literally could play now and still be addicted!

In School Trends

Jane Norman bag or a Morgan bag? But you had to have one! 

Gel pens- smelly, glittery, all of them! 

When I got older and my we all wanted to try a cheeky beverage we certainly weren’t reaching for the wine. Instead Lambrini was so much classier to us:

The Hairstyles!

Crimped or Straight

Tyra Banks rocks the crimped look well but in truth when we tried it we generally looked like we had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

To get your hair straight it meant Ironing your hair

I remember going round to my aunties house an watching my older cousin iron her long black hair which was so far past her bottom. I always begged her to do mine but she used to pretend, knowing my mum would go mad! It wasn’t until I was about 16 that straighteners came out. Can you believe not living without them! 

Hair Accessories

To name just a few as there many:

Butterfly Clips 

Hair Bandanas!

Looking at some of the trends above we really did look so young! 

Makeup 💄 

I remember being about 15 (2005) and the craze was wearing foundation, everyone was doing it and the brand was Laval. It looked and felt like acrylic paint and it pretty much went on like that. It left a lovely jaw line of orange on each side of your face and it generally didn’t matter what shade you got because you all came out the same colour. Welcome to my generation- Generation Orange! 

And it gets worse! About a year or so later, when I was 16/17 we got comfortable rocking the Laval look and decided it just wasn’t enough so we started applying blue eyeshadow and would apply it over the lids. On its own, there was no blending. I’m not talking about a smokey navy eye, I’m actually talking bright blues and frosty blues. I must of owned about 10 eyeshadow palettes with different colours of blue! 


Outside school you literally bought all of your clothes from Tammy and Etam and accessories were always Claire’s and Primark

Some of the most famous trends were:
Circle belts– they never really stayed on either!

-Long Gypsy skirts 

The Unspeakable trends: 

– Denim Mini Skirt- the shorter the better 

– Thong showing above your jeans 

I really hoped you enjoyed that post and for some of you brought back some memories. I could of kept talking about it so if any of you would like to know a bit more of a certain topic or in general, let me know 😊 

All pictures were not my own and were taken from google and Pinterest searches. If any are yours please let me know so I can give credit. 



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