March 2017 Glossybox Review


I am so much more impressed with March’s Glossybox. I was a little disapointed in some of the recent boxes as I received a few duplicates and I started to notice the brands of the products I was receiving were more ones that I could buy anywhere. What I loved about Glossybox was the products that I hadn’t heard of were included, it was a great way to introduce different brands. I have been a subscriber of Glossybox for probably almost 4 years and never had any concerns until recently.

Products Received:

Sleek Makeup- Eye and Cheek Palette

This Works- In transit camera close-up

GOT2B- Styling Primer

FRUU- Fruitilicious Watermelon lip balm



Sleek Makeup– Eye & Cheek Palette


A slim line palette perfect for your handbag or clutch bag. As you can see above the palette is a mixture of colours, there is a pink cheek blush and bronzer along with a smokey eye look. Retail Price is £10.00. To get onto the the Website click Sleek The only downfall for me was the brushes, the small brush and eyeshadow applicator isn’t very good for applying the makeup. The colour did literally looked like it was ‘slapped’ on! I would suggest using your own brushes to blend the makeup. I managed to smooth the shadow over on my eyes however I did have to blend my cheeks with a reliable brush. Here’s a look below using only the sleek palette:


FRUU– Fruitilicious Watermelon Lip Balm


This cute little guy was made by a professor of Cosmetics at the London College of Fashion. Retail Price is £2.99 and can be found here It smells lovely and is quite tasty too! It’s strange as it comes out in an oval shape so you have to place the balm quite flat on your lips. It feels lovely and for the retail price its worth carrying around this cute guy in your purse. Why wouldn’t you? It’s packed full of superfruit ingredients, to name one is avocodo oil. Its PETA Certified, cruelty free and vegan friendly. No nasties just goodness!



This is AMAZING!! I am so impressed with this and I would recommend it to everyone! It is recommended that you do this morning and evening but I thought I would start off just trying it in the evening. I have used it for 10 nights now and I have noticed such a dramatic difference mostly in my fine lines. There smoother and reduced a lot! I am going to start using it in the mornings aswell. I apply a rice grain amount and rub in circular motions outwards, within seconds I can feel it tightening! Its 100% natural and full of antioxidants, truely amazing and worth every penny. Its Retail Price is £30.00 and can be bought from OOLUTION

This Works– In transit camera close-up


Named as a hero of products by Glossybox and it’s actually quite good. It claims to moisturise, prime, plumps and brightens. It’s been reported as Victoria Beckham’s favourite too. It does actually work, I was a little worried by the slightly thicker consistency as I generally thought it going to stick in patches on my face but it actually glides over and your makeup really does just stick to it. I’m equally impressed! The retail price is £30.00 and you can get it here

GOT2B– Styling Primer


Before Styling you should always Prime your hair, its an absolute must. Regardless of what style your going for this beauty works into damp hair ready to create a look you want. Its retail price is £4.18 so pretty cheap in comparison to many. It can be found here

My Favourite product this month if you haven’t guessed already is OOLUTION Eye Love. I’m lusting over it everyday! If you get this Glossybox too, what was your favourite product and why?



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