A Vintage Experience with We are Cow


Whenever I go home, I always try to make time to try new places whether that is shops, bars or restaurants. My family and I decided to do a spot of shopping in the City centre as you do. One of my favourite areas to visit in Liverpool is Bold Street. Over the last two years more shops and quirky restaurants, bars and boutiques have popped up. This is were I came across We are Cow Vintage which sells Men’s and Women’s Vintage. I will be honest, its often quite rare for me to buy anything from Vintage Stores as either the clothes don’t fit me or I just look ridiculous.

Most of the time when you think Vintage, its easy to think Charity Store. A shop full of racks everywhere with no organisation and you simply have to go through everything. It’s exhausting. This is what really gets under my skin, I like to walk in and know where to head to first and where I can find things. I’m not impatient, I just cant cope with mess! To my relief, We are Cow are not like this. Hurray! I walked in and instantly distinguished the Men’s side to the Women’s. I could easily see the sections of clothes, the bottom floor was also done the same. This made it a pleasant experience to shop in.

They have Amazing Changing rooms! I know that sounds crazy but I couldn’t get over them. It was a wall of lockers at the back downstairs. I walked in circles twice before asking a Sales assistant who took me over to the wall and opened a door. It felt so surreal. I literally sat there thinking I’m now part of the wall!! Here’s a little clip of the inside:



How adorable are the door handles in the above picture?!!

Some of the products were ‘reworked’ which gave the item a nod to the modern day fashion. What is reworked clothing?  This is were an item of clothing in this case for example a Vintage Designer top is shortened, trimmed, rolled up and sometimes dyed to create a new piece that may be more popular with modern day fashion. Combining the old with the new.

I fell in love with several reworked items but made a decision to take home just two tops. I am a nightmare when it comes to Clothes shopping. I am the one that will literally have a meltdown and say she’s too fat, my boobs look saggy, I look like I have water retention etc. You get were I’m going with this. My family and the male sales assistant all assured me that I didn’t look any of these and despite my worries, the male sales assistant was nothing but kind, genuine and patient. It was such a lovely experience.

What did I buy?



Two Super cute Ralph Lauren Reworks!!

Where are they located?

They are located in Liverpool (on Bold Street), Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham. If your not in any of those places- don’t worry, you can get everything online by clicking here.


Trust me its worth a look, even my dad came out with something!



6 thoughts on “A Vintage Experience with We are Cow

    • thisismyxoxo says:

      Thanks so much lovely 😊 it was such a good experience! It’s my first two vintage items and I can’t wait to play around with them in some outfits, especially now it’s summer 😊 if you don’t have a local store defiantly check out their website 👌 I am not on bloglovin but am on twitter and Instagram. I think I have added you on Instagram, my name is thisismyxoxo 💗xx


  1. Experiências e Constatações says:

    I love the tops you purchased!
    I’m a little bit of a mess when I’m buying clothes. I get tired easily! I hate trying clothes on. Then I grab the size above or below (depending on the situation), then I try the previous item….again. I just want to make sure I have the right fit. And when the items are trousers, it’s even worse! Oh, and I’m so picky with the clothes. I’m even worse when buying makeup.

    I loved the door handles 🙂


    • thisismyxoxo says:

      Thanks lovely 💗 I love them too, I stepped out my comfort zone with the shirt and thought go on try something different. I love bright colours 💗 you have literally just explained me when I go shopping! I get so frustrated, I have like bitch fits haha 🙈 i’m such a pain! Xx


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