The quickest way to get your Blonde hair from Brassy to Sassy! πŸ’πŸΌ

I’m finally getting my roots done and a trim tomorrow after 4 months of it last being done. As you know you should touch up highlights every 6-8 weeks to keep it fresh and avoid those scary roots creeping through. So I know your sitting there thinking how on earth did she manage to make it last 4 months, surely she’s exaggerating. I can say I am 100% not as I have had the same hairdresser for about 12 years and even though I have moved to Kent, I wait till I visit home before I get my hair done. Yes I have trust issues, but so would you if you have had some dodgy hair before finding your favourite hairdresser! 
So I thought I would share today with you my secrets of keeping my hair looking full of life and sassy. 

What you need: 
1. Provoke touch of silver intensive Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Paint brush and bowl (optional)

3. Heat protector Spray

Being blonde and having highlights means that your hair will literally go yellow after a while as all the brassiness starts to show. So I picked up so brightening shampoo and conditioner from my nearest pound land/ home and bargains. I paid about Β£1.99 for Provoke Touch of Silver Intensive shampoo and Β£1.99 for the Provoke touch of silver conditioner. In total it cost Β£3! 
Now I tried it both ways. Firstly I tried a few washes in the shower which did lighten my hair but as time went on and as I have thick hair I noticed a lot of brassiness showing through so I discovered something even better.

I sat on the floor with a towel over my shoulders, poured a quarter of the shampoo into a mug and used a paintbrush to go through sections of my hair whilst my hair was dry. How long you leave it for is how much you want it to lift. It works like a toner! I left it for 10 minutes as I defiantly had some yellow going on at the sides. 

I then washed it out and shampooed it with the touch of silver and a different shampoo which was keratin based and followed it with Provoke intensive conditioner for about 3 minutes before washing. 

When your hair is wet I think it’s important to towel dry it before you start blasting heat onto it, as I can just dry your hair up. When my hair was towel dry, I brushed through my hair with a detangler as they are much more gentle than a brush and you won’t pull as much hair out! Before you dry your hair spray on a good heat protector spray, my favourite is by Paul Mitchell and has lasted a long time! 

Another tip would be to gently curl the ends or odd strands to naturally lift your hair and give it some natural bounce. 

After all the tips above this is what my hair looked like straight after: 

I hope this post was useful for you Blondies out there! Remember stay Sassy and never Brassy! πŸ’πŸΌ



6 thoughts on “The quickest way to get your Blonde hair from Brassy to Sassy! πŸ’πŸΌ

    • thisismyxoxo says:

      Thank you lovely 😊 you can leave the shampoo on longer depending on how much lighter you want to go. I always say try 15 mins first, then it’s a little more gradual. If your hair is yellow you can leave it a good half hr/ hour. I’m not on blog lovin but I’m following you on Instagram already 😊😘xx


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