Sudacrem for Spots!


Picture taken the morning after a Sudacrem mask.

I know it’s not the most glamorous of items but in my opinion you would be pretty silly not to have this in your home.

It’s not just for children and nappy rash. It has so many different uses. My favourite thing is a Sudacrem face mask. So your sitting there thinking why on earth would you want to put nappy rash cream all over your face for? Well i’m sitting here thinking- why aren’t you?

When I wake up with a spot, I cleanse my face and put Sudacrem on the spot straight away. It reduces redness and will be half the size and barely visible when you wake up the next day. But if I am going to apply to the spot, I may as well do a Sudacrem face mask.

There is an ingredient in Sudacrem called Benzyl alcohol that has antiseptic properties and helps to reduce discomfort and redness. I can’t say if this works for acne as I have never had it before but my suggestion would be to try it.

Why a Sudacrem Face Mask?

Trust me, if this isn’t part of your skin routine it should be. I do a sudacrem face mask at least once or twice a week. I particularly like using it when i’m hormonal. My skin starts to get irritated and I can see and feel spots coming up. Once I have throughly cleansed my face I will then apply a layer of sudacrem all over my face (except for my eyelids and lips) and leave on overnight. You will look like a ghost and it will be on your pillow but the next day you will have clear, soft skin.

But how?

The ingredients in Sudacrem help to soothe and heal the skin whilst protecting it against any further infection by acting like a barrier cream. Β The antiseptic and antioxidant properties reduce redness and dry out any spots.

Other benefits:

  • Heals cuts and burns
  • Stops chafing!- yes there’s our summer covered
  • Soothes sore skin and helps with eczemaΒ 
  • Helps insect bites
  • Great for sunburn and prickly heat


What’s not to love?

I will be honest here, anything I have whether it be a rash, burn or pimple I always use Sudacrem on it. It’s the best thing out there. Its easily accessible in shops, its so cheap and a little goes a long way!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my Sudacrem obsession and I really hope you try it.



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