Is Activated Charcoal any good? And what for?

Why is everyone raving about Charcoal?
Don’t get confused it’s not the same Charcoal you would put on the BBQ! Avoid those, they’re full of toxins! What I’m talking about is Activated Charcoal!
What is Activated Charcoal? 
It is a form of carbon that is formed to have small pores that can increase adsorption.
It’s a natural treatment people use to adsorb toxins and chemicals and flush them naturally out of the body. It’s often used as treatments for drug overdoses or poisoning.
For the Skin:
Today I tried a Charcoal scrub that came with my Glossybox this month. These dark grey granules turn darker as they are rubbed into your skin with water. It turned the water on my skin black and he granules were a lot more rough than I had thought. But it certainly felt like I was giving myself a good scrub. It was exceptionally messy and did get everywhere in the shower but it’s no problem as you just wash it all off and down the cubicle. Watching the black Charcoal and water go down the plug made me feel cleaner already. My skin felt amazing which is exactly what anyone would want from a scrub. Once dry, my skin is now still silky smooth, it feels like a fresh layer of skin! I’m impressed!!
For the Face:
It’s recommended for acne and problem skin. Like most people I have blackheads and notice that the Charcoal pore strips are much better. I use them on my nose and chin! The face washes are particularly good as they
For your Teeth:
It’s come alight that Charcoal is meant to whiten your teeth but does it really work? I have been using Just Smile activated charcoal powder, twice a day for 8 days now.  I am a huge fan of white teeth and teeth whitening. I usually use whitening strips but I have been desperate to find something more organic and natural. No nasties! My teeth aren’t really stained however I have two teeth on my lower set at the front that always stain and there the ones you can notice, they’re the ones I need to particularly focus on! The idea of Activated Charcoal powder is that you wet your toothbrush and pick up the powder in the pot with the wet toothbrush, you should brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Like all Charcoal products it can be pretty messy so avoid wearing white!! But it will wash away from the sink easily so don’t worry. You do have to wash your mouth out several times as the Charcoal stays around your gum lines an tongue! A thorough cleanse is needed!
 I have noticed a difference in my teeth in just 8 days, although not as dramatic as maybe I had wanted, but it does work! I will still keep using it daily, I love how much you get and for the price. It’s a bargain and It’s natural, so it’s a winner for me! Here’s my before and after pictures, picture on the left is day 1 and right pic is day 8:
If you want to try this you can use my code ANASTASIA10 for 10% off Just Smile and can be pricked by clicking here 
Please note this powder must not substitute brushing your teeth! You must still brush your teeth twice a day and make sure your toothpaste has 1350-1500ppm of Fluoride as this helps against tooth decay.  
For the Body:
A few years ago I tried Charcoal Tablets. The reason I decided to give them a whirl is because I suffer with IBS and at the time it was really angry. I had heard that it would help eliminate the toxins in your body that would cause bloating and gas.  However I didn’t feel that it worked as well as I had hoped so naturally I swapped it for peppermint tea which I feel is much better for me.
There are some medical people that have advised that people taking medication should avoid using the charcoal tablets. The reason being is that Charcoal will adsorb things so it is likely it will make your medication less likely to work.
I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a bit more knowledge about Activated Charcoal.

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