My first impressions of Dollibox

I am huge fan of subscription boxes and have been a loyal customer of Glossybox for about 5 years now! I love receiving monthly gifts to myself to try. It’s a perfect way of trying things you wouldn’t normally and discovering new brands. Some of my favourite brands and products I discovered through Glossybox. 
There are so many subscription boxes available now and they extend on from just beauty. There’s something for everyone. I have been on the lookout to try another box, after looking around, I found a lot of people were ‘raving’ about Dollibox, I’ve heard of it but never really looked into it until now. I contacted Dollibox directly and asked if they would be interested in a Collaboration, they offered me
a discount on the box if I wanted to try it out. I was over the moon and I couldn’t say no. 
I had been advised that my box would arrive around the 10th June. I was expecting delivery mon-fri like my Glossybox so I had in my head it was likely to be Monday 12th at the earliest. But when I returned home I saw a little ‘love note’ from the delivery man advising it was left in a safe place. Holding the box in my hand I couldn’t believe it had arrived on a Saturday and I was absolutely over the moon. It literally made my day! 
The box is about half the size of Glossybox but all the products fit in perfectly. There was a little leaflet inside that told us what products were included, the prices and ingredients. I am so impressed with what I received, I loved every single product. I think this can be hard to say about some boxes but Dollibox was even better than my expectations! 
Have a look at what I received: 
My favourite product in there has to be the mermaid makeup brush it’s so beautiful and the brissels are soft on your skin 😊
Pro Range Mermaid Makeup Brush- £29.99 for set of 10 brushes! No doubt this has made it onto my wish list!
Pura Cosmetics Lip Balm– £2.50 
I can’t get enough of this! It smells amazing and if you happen to lick it by accident it actually quite tasty! This cute balm is made from all natural ingredients and is 100% cruelty free 🙌
Another yummy smelling product I got was a Raspberry Jam Donut smelling Wax Melt. It smells exactly like Raspberry Jam!! It’s unbelievable. I currently don’t have a wax burner but I have already seen one for £5 that I will be picking up 😊 this wax melt is only £1.30 by the Wax Melt Bakery in South Wales. One again this product is 100% Cruelty free and vegan! They have some amazing ones on their Instagram including glittery ones, so don’t forget to check them out 😊
Palmers Coco Butter Eventone Sun Lotion £9.99 
I have been a huge fan of cocoa butter for a long time and I can always count on their products to do exactly what ‘it says on the tin’ their body lotions and tan are always in my house so I was excited to receive this little addition. The ‘Palmers cocoa butter smell’ is there as you would expect and the cream is just like the cosy lotion in consistency, it’s thick but rubs in well. With added ingredients of shea butter and coconut oil it helps guard against the suns damaging effects to maintain a youthful, even skin tone. I have used this all weekend as the sun has been so hot. 
Popfeel Concealer £2.79
Lightweight and silky, this is a Concealer to cover everything from pores to bags. There are 11 different shades so there’s something for everyone! The shade I received is the perfect colour for my skin, it blends in well and doesn’t flake off after several hours.
Seacret Hand Lotion £29.99
This came as a travel size which fits perfectly in any handbag. This product boasts in natural ingredients. Featuring orange oil, sunflower oil, cocoa and shea butter, Dead Sea minerals and vitamins A&E it all aids in super soft hands! 
I was so impressed with this box that I have signed up for a box per month, It’s £13.00 including delivery.  Currently I have 9 days till the next delivery and I literally cant wait!
If you fancy checking out Dollibox click here
To see more pictures of these goodies and other beauty products, check out my instagram page thisismyxoxo for more or you can click here

2 thoughts on “My first impressions of Dollibox

    • thisismyxoxo says:

      Awww thanks lovely 💗 You would love this!! Defo recommend it 😊 will be posting my next box when it arrives soon!! if u wanna see more am on Instagram at thisismyxoxo and twitter 😊 will check out your blog too 💗

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