Noughty intestive Car Leave in Conditioner

Noughty or nice?

Like most people I have a little wild side but when it comes to my hair that’s just not an option!!! It’s out with lion tresses and in with the silky rapunzel locks. My wavy hair is often frizzy and a little on the dry side and recently it’s been feeling worse so it definitely needs a little TLC.

When I received the June Glossybox I will be honest my heart sank a little when I saw ‘leave in conditioner’ I went back to a child remembering the leave in conditioner that left your hair greasy and full of product, lasting 24 hours before the need to rewash took over.

The lavender coloured tube named Noughty is an intensive conditioner boasting 97% of natural ingredients such as Argan Oil and Shea butter. It’s vegan AND paraben, silicone, sulphate and petrochemical FREE! No Nasties! The remaining 3% if the ingredients is made up of the preservative system, which stops the product from going off after opening.

As much as the free from noughties and natural ingredients excite me, I must admit it also made me a little nervous. How will it stop frizz? Am I going to be greasy? and is it going to make styling difficult? Is it worth this stress?

When I finally took the plunge I towel dried my hair and split my hair into two sections as it’s rather thick. I then massaged a teaspoon amount in each section throughout my hair from about 2 inches of my roots down. I put most of it on the ends and the ends of my layers throughout. The amount you put on will depend on the thickness of your hair so don’t go by these recommendations only what you would normally use and remember no washing out!

After about 10 minutes of letting my hair naturally dry, I found that my tangle brush glided well through my hair. I used my hairdryer and paddle brush together to help against frizz.

Once my hair was dry, I just sat staring in the mirror and glided my fingers through my hair. I was overwhelmed at the result, my hair was soft, shiny and looked healthy as though I had been the hairdressers. Very impressed! But the test was not over, here comes the styling!
Splitting my hair in sections, I curled them with my ghd straightners, they curled well and there was no need to go over any areas. I separated each curl gently and finished with tresseme hairspray. There were no problems or fussiness instead my hair looked glossy, bouncy and healthy.

I knew the conditioner had made a difference when my boyfriend admired how nice my hair looked and asked if I had used anything different!

*Below is what my hair looked like after styling!*

This intensive treatment has completely changed my opinion on leave in conditioners. I have been using it every time I wash my hair and I am quite sure that when it runs out, I will be in my local Boots/Superdrug buying more! Plus it’s only £6.99!! In my opinion it’s something everyone should try a little of, you may be like me and it may just change your mind.



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